Monday, December 28, 2020

CLICK HERE for a One Year Bible Reading Plan Especially for Widows

Dear friend,

Daily Bible reading is God speaking to YOU! It's not something we have to do, it's a privilege we get to do! Would you like an audience with a king, a president, or even your pastor but they're too busy for you? Yet the Creator of the Universe, the Savior of your soul from hell, has given us his wonderful words. They work to direct us, to speak love to us, and to comfort us. Let them speak to you every day this year. Click on the Bible Reading Plan in the side bar of this blog page and hit print so you can keep it in your Bible. 


This Bible reading plan is something I worked on for over a year. I'm very excited about it because it's specially designed for grieving people and widows. I know that we all have good intentions, but during the first year or two of widowhood it's nigh unto impossible to try to read through the entire Bible in one year. A stressed-out brain simply cannot focus and concentrate enough so don't set yourself up for failure. But following my plan will help you read through all this: 
  • the entire New Testament
  • selected Psalms
  • Proverbs
  • Ruth
Special features:
  • Most months will start with a portion of Psalm 119 to remind us of the wonders and benefits of God's Word. 
  • Each month is self-contained. The books of the Bible do not overflow from one month to another. If you miss some days of readings do not try to catch up! You will have a fresh start the next month. 
  • Each season you'll read a gospel: four gospels--four seasons! Isn't that great? Ruth is read in April, the month corresponding to the barley harvest in Israel. You can almost smell the freshly tilled soil.
  • Proverbs is read in September so we can store up nuggets of wisdom for the holidays and other challenges of life. 
  • I'm especially excited about the Psalms I've selected! They are paired with New Testament passages in which you will best experience the rich wisdom and cohesiveness of Scripture. Plus you will find the heartfelt laments of Psalms which comfort and resolve our grief. 
  • Everything else is chronologically ordered as best as possible.
  • * means widows are mentioned in the chapter.

TIP: If reading each day is too much at this time, decide to read only certain books, or only the Psalms, or only on particular days of the week. The choice is yours to use this as you see fit. In any case I know that the Lord will bless your time in his Word.

After 20 years of helping myself and other widows, the one thing I've learned is that widowhood is a struggle. The women who fight to stay strong in the Lord and in God's Word are the ones who I've seen come out the happiest. This Bible reading guide is a big help in the struggle! May God richly bless you in the reading of his Word in 2021. 


  1. Thanks for providing this for us Ferree. I will treasure the time in the word even more knowing you took the time to research and create such a special gift to us. I am eager to share it with other widows and those grieving. Johanna

  2. I love this plan - have been using it yearly since you first published it - never grows old!

  3. Dear Johanna and Linda, it's such a joy to know you'll both be using it this year! Please feel free to share it all year long. People can really start it at any point. God's Word is always like a well that never runs dry. No matter how many times we read it there are always new discoveries. May God richly bless your spiritual growth and health in 2021!

  4. I tried to down load this but can’t. I am reading through the Bible now but would love to see your plan. What do I need t do?

  5. Thanks for your comment, it will probably help a number of people. If youve received this blog post via email, then click on the title, and it will take you directly to the blog site.then, in the right side column you will see the Bible Reading plan.


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