Monday, November 30, 2020

Making It Through the Holidays

One holiday down, "just" Christmas and New Years to go. How are you doing?

I was so encouraged to hear from a widow a couple times last week. At first she was dreading Thanksgiving, but with the Lord's help by the end of the day it went pretty good! 

I'd love to hear from you too. Holidays are very different this year with the pandemic, but for those who are missing a loved one through death, it's a double wallop. If you feel ready to scream with loneliness, grief and frustration---you are not alone! Connecting to others any way possible---if not in person, then Zoom, video chat, online chat, email, Facebook, phone call, or snail mail will all be better than nothing. Maybe this is the year to revive the lost tradition of sending Christmas cards. You might intend to send 100's but if you only get a few out consider that an accomplishment!

Also keep a lookout for a "Surviving the Holidays" seminar by GriefShare in your area. Go to and put your zipcode in the search box to see if there's a group near you.

Facebook also has some groups for widows. My friend Marlene Craft, director of Widows Link, posted a very good video for widows to help with this time of year. I hope you'll check it out and send it to friends or your widows group. Here's the link:  Making It Through the Holidays

Hold tight to the Lord every moment, breath by breath. He helped me survive this and I know He can help you too.  ❤ ferree

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