Monday, August 31, 2020

What To Do What To Do?

Cross roads. We face them every day. Many times a day.

Especially when widowed. Life keeps going and there are so many decisions to make that we don't want to make! Some should have been made years ago. But we just didn't want to face them. We don't want to face them now. We always thought we'd have more time... They're extra hard now, as a widow.

I totally get this. I'm at a cross road now too. With many things, but this morning I face one more.

It's so little compared to yours, but would you pray for me? I need to change this blog. Update it. Or turn it into a website only, or perhaps step back and concentrate on local ministry.

Here are some steps I'll take:

  • Pray & listen by meditating on God's Word.
  • Seek wise counsel & listen.
  • Decide.
  • Sleep on it. But not too long.
  • Consider other possibilities that may have sprung up. Your first decision will either be affirmed or set aside.
  • Take the first step.

Maybe these points will help with your crossroads too. If you have comments, questions or your own prayer request too, please use the comment option or email me at

❤ Ferree


  1. Dear Feree,
    I can appreciate your desire to please the Lord, yet continue the ongoing responsibility of maintaining a blog.
    I am widowed 3 years now. In the first 21/2 years I clung to your posts they there were life giving to me as I moved into a single life. My needs have changed, I have a growing contentment and my trust in God is solid now.
    So I have a 50/50 opinion. Where will the new widow find hope, understanding if you do think that stopping the blog altogether is the answer?
    There is another blog I followed for encouragement. They now are posting comments from, a few chosen widows contributors and now and then have guests write how the Lord has guided them, could this be a way you could go?

  2. Thank you Sue, this is exactly the sort of feedback I need. You raise good ideas for me to consider. I could go a couple of ways---but the technology is a big factor too. Just like Facebook is forcing everyone into the new Facebook look, my blog template has become outdated. I guess 10 years is a pretty good run! But now there's that learning are inevitable. One thing doesn't change though---thousands of women worldwide are widowed everyday and they need the Lord and each other! I'm delighted to hear how the Lord has brought you through! Contentment is such a blessing and trust is such a relief. You're coming from surviving to thriving and I'm so glad this blog was a lifeline for you. Hearing stories like yours is so rewarding to me, I treasure what the Lord has done for you! Thanks again for your wise words. Is the other blog you follow A Widows Might? I love them dearly! But if it's someone that maybe I don't know yet please leave their website address ok? <3

  3. I've been widowed now for over 4 years. I found your blog in the early days when I was looking for hope. Your site helped me so much early on. When I started checking more consistently, I often found the posts you posted were just what I needed for that day. Thank you for your ministry and may God bless you as you seek His direction.

    1. Thank you! I always believe that the most important number is 1---that one person out there with a need to know God is with them. It means a lot to know that you often found what you needed for the day. My heart goes out to you and may God bless you too!


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