Monday, May 25, 2020

This Year It's Personal

(Please click on the title "This Year It's Personal" if the video does not appear here).

On Sept. 27 we said "good-bye for now" to my dad. On behalf of my brothers and sister, I was presented with the flag for his service with the US Navy on board the New Jersey battleship during the Korean War. Thanks for a life well-lived, Dad, and the protection and care for us you always provided through God's grace.

Day is done, Gone the sun,

From the hills, From the lake, From the skies.

All is well,  Safely rest,

God is nigh.

Pause in Remembrance - In an effort to ensure Memorial Day is the sacred and noble holiday it is intended to be, pause for 1 minute in an act of national unity wherever you are at 3 PM local time on Memorial Day. Accompany that time of cessation with prayer for our country and our veterans. If you are fortunate enough to have a trumpet or bugle player in your neighborhood, listen for "Taps." 


  1. Yes Ferree, it was personal for me too! My dad passed 3/12/20. We had a military service for him as well. It was a really nice closure. Cindy

  2. Dear Cindy, I am sorry to hear about you loss. From the date of it I gather that you didn't have the complications of "social distancing." Our military really does a wonderful job of paying respect and like you, it helped provide me with a good sense of closure too.
    Would you pray for me? At the end if the month I'll get to meet a widow or two who's husband died during April. I will try to help them with the extra complications of not getting to spend those last days with them and not getting to say goodbye. Death never comes at the right time for anyone but this seems like a doubly "wrong" time for widows. Thank you and God bless you Cindy!


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