Monday, April 27, 2020

How Was Your Week?

Good morning, friends--
Here in South Carolina the governor has lifted our covid-19 closures and we are having a somewhat controlled re-opening of businesses. I think most people realize it's too soon since our hospitalization numbers continue to climb. The heart of the matter, in my opinion, is to put power back in the control of the people instead of the state. We'll see how this plays out.

There's still the matter of how this is affecting all of you as widows. Widowhood already has enough stress and sorrow for the day. You might already be overloaded and numb; Covid-19 is just another possible threat thrown into the mix.

It doesn't have to suck you down the drainpipe of despair though. The diary pages I posted last week can truly help. Many of you already requested them. Just send me an email at and I'll send you the file to copy.

I had a slow start, but here are some things that happened with mine, just to give you an example and maybe some hope:

Sunday sermon note: "Your problem and God's provision will always meet at the point of faith." (A pastor on TV pictured Abraham and Isaac climbing the mountain where Isaac would have to be sacrificed---and how a ram [God's provisional sacrifice to spare Isaac's life] was climbing up the other side of the mountain at the same time).
 I went into my week with that sentence in my diary but not in my heart or experience. To be honest, I didn't even do the diary on Monday, and only half did it on Tuesday. On Wednesday I didn't do it either--just felt too loaded down. Instead I sent a SOS email to ask two friends to pray for me. One of them replied and directed me to a chapter that had encouraged her that morning, 2 Samuel 22.

When I read it, in faith (but not expecting much) God's provision met me! He lifted me up and encouraged me with a very precious verse I remembered from my widow days: "God arms me with strength and makes my way perfect." I thought that verse was only in Psalm 18:32, but there it was in 2 Samuel 22:33! I came across it last night too, in another book! God loves to repeat himself. And he loves to love on us. He says he makes my way "perfect!" And although I think most people would scoff at the idea of my life being perfect, I am NOT going to disagree with God! The set of challenges and circumstances he's given me are exactly what I need for the good abundant life of being like Jesus.

What about you? Widowhood is a hardship; believe me, I know. And it's on top of life's other problems too: pandemics, murders, poverty, etc. But God's provision will always meet us at the point where faith is put to the test. Your "Casting My Cares On God" diary is a tool that can give you eyes to see it.

Ask for yours today. It's free. And when you find God using it to love on you too---I'd love to hear your story!

Have a wonderful week, as only a widow who God deeply loves, watches over, and cares for can do.
❤ ferree

Do you doubt God's care for you? It's not unusual to feel abandoned in trauma. Sometimes I think that as much as our bodies and emotions go into shock, our spiritual side does too and we are numb. You should read in my book about the time I was "knocking on the door to God's great big house but nobody was home." I've felt that abandonment too. It's not true. God says this--"I will never forsake you." But, oh how the devil delights to hurt us with his lies. Email me and I will pray for you.

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