Monday, February 3, 2020

How to Make Bible Reading A Delight

Transform daily Bible reading from a duty to a delight with a small notebook to jot down some "ABC's" --
  • A - jot down A title of the ONE chapter or section just read. Try using a Bible reading plan so you know what to read every day. If you find it hard to focus or concentrate try my Bible reading plan that you can download from the side column. It sets you up with only a chapter or two a day.
  • B - copy the BEST verse that stands out to you. 
  • C - copy a comfort to claim or a command to follow.   
I love this simple but profound little outline. It's amazing to look back and notice the many ways God truly did guide and direct through my Bible reading!

Do you wonder where to start reading? Here's the beauty of my Bible reading plan (you can download a copy of the one you see in the sidebar of my blog, just click on it) (email readers, go to the actual blog in order to see it) :
  • You can start it at any point during the year. 
  • You'll read the entire New Testament and corresponding Psalms, plus Proverbs and Ruth. 
  • Each season you'll read a gospel: winter--Matthew, spring--John, summer--Mark, Christmas--Luke.
  • The first day of every month (except February) a section of the longest chapter in the Bible, Psalm 119 will encourage and remind you of how great and effective God's Word is for daily life.
  • And last but not least, an * marks chapters that contain the word "widow."
It took me a couple years to create this plan and test it out on myself, but it's been worth it to hear from people who are using it . 

No matter whether you choose to go with a devotional or try a Bible reading plan, the important thing is to start today. Do it in the morning, before bedtime, after a meal or as many times a day or week as you want! Just Do It! You'll be so glad you did! And if you miss a day? Just pick it back up, don't try to catch up. God will meet you where you are.
These are the notebooks I like best. I use a new one
each year. They cost on $1 $2 at various stores
like WalMart or Dollar General.

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