Sunday, May 19, 2019

judy springer get permiss--late june or july 2019

I try not to post to much about my journey as a widow however being it’s ‘National widows Day ,’ I feel this may be appropriate to announce.
I always said that I want my sorrow to be used for God in whatever way he chooses. If it means I need to come alongside of someone who has been devastated by an untimely tragic death of a spouse I will do so . If it means I need to rip my scab open to share how mental illness affected me & my family I will do so . Our sorrows should never leave us to wallow but meant to bring hope to others . Life is hard and I believe that God equips us for the sorrow we will endure . I never thought this would be my story but it is .
So my announcement is this .
I’ve been privileged to have my story be shared for a very special ministry (MARKINC Ministries) This is a ministry that is very near /dear one to me . Scott and I have supported this ministry for years and I know he will smile knowing somehow his story will offer hope to someone who needs it. On May 8th , I will be interviewed to share my testimony of mental illness / suicide . My prayer is I can offer hope to someone who is going through this horrific nightmare. If I come to mind , please say a prayer for me . 🙏🏻❤️
I’ve met some amazing people during this time . We have been there for each other and I know they are using their stories to offer help . Sometimes the best help you can offer when you are barely crawling yourself is to just be obedient and just surrender .

Holy Ground - that's where I stood today as Judy Springer and I talked about Mental Illness and Suicide for a Help & Hope resource and then an hour later once more on holy ground when Sherry Kendrick and I talked about the topic Intentional Grieving. Both women are determined to find ways to redeem the pain of losing their husbands as their lives are poured out like a drink offering to offer help and hope to hurting people. Both conversations will be available at late June or July. Thank you, dear friends, for trusting us with your stories.

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