Monday, November 12, 2018

Ever Have One of These Weeks?

My widowed friend Lynn had one just a few days ago...
I've reprinted her update with just a few edits so um, well, you'll see why she preferred to be rather anonymous...💗 ferree

Okay....something's going on here. Can we talk about this week??

My car dies and still isn't fixed, my water heater breaks, I'm seriously running out of cash, and behind in bills. I can't take a shower when I want to, or do dishes in warm water. My son is off school for three out of five days, and thinks every night there's a party at our house. A Christmas charity packing party is looming in the distance on Sunday and I am NOT even close to being prepared. I had no food in the house yesterday, and today my period started. Honestly, God.....

BUT......I have seen GOD, and felt HIM every single step I've taken. And Lord Almighty, has He shown up!!! It's almost getting ridiculous! 

It's like He is screaming at me, "LYNNE, I LOVE YOU!! TRUST ME!!" 

So long story short....the water heater is in the works and will be installed later today. 

The car? I'm still waiting for an answer there. 

Funds just appear, when I need them. Just enough, a little, a lot...a gift, a loan to be worked off, a favor.....

My sister has offered her shower every night which is better than no shower, and I am grateful for the friends my son has because it means we are loved. His girlfriend's mom drove me to vote, and I also got to the grocery store. Little things like that. 

So while I was at the grocery store yesterday, I couldn't stop myself from buying ingredients for chicken noodle soup. I remember thinking, "This is weird. This is a stupid idea. You don't have time for this this week. Why are you doing this?" But yet....I could NOT stop myself from reaching for every ingredient. 

Today I made some, and it's really quite good. So I decided to throw together some bread as well, because why not? I finally sat down after being in the kitchen ALL morning. 

I went on my town's "Moms Page" and there was this big red post from a young mom whose husband just had shoulder surgery this morning. I don't know her at all but the post asked, "Where do you get the best chicken noodle soup in town?" Mind you....I was sitting there with my phone in one hand and a bowl of "taste and see how it turned out" in my other hand. 

I just about spilled the whole bowl when I read it, and just said, "REALLY GOD???? AGAIN You're going to do something amazing??" 

So after thinking it through and arguing with myself, I agreed to reach out to this young mom and she was SO grateful for my offer of soup...and bread. AND it turns out that she lives down the block. 

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