Monday, September 17, 2018

Hurricane Aftermath Advice from a Katrina Survivor

Reposting this from one year and two weeks ago. I hope it will not become an annual thing! But most of you know that I live in South Carolina, only 100 miles from where the massive flooding is to our dear friends in North Carolina.

How great a God we need!
But how much greater is our God than our greatest need.
(Author unknown)

My friend Amanda M., posted some wise words on Facebook and with her permission, I share them with you today:

….to all those affected by 2017 Hurricane Harvey…..let me give you my testimony from Hurricane Katrina. Because every time that we give our testimony…..we overcome the enemy. 

First, let me say this……..and I wish someone would have said this to me and my family… have just gone thru a traumatic event……grieve! 

It's ok to cry.

It's ok to mourn over what you have lost. I give you permission. We all feel sorry for you. You've got millions of people praying for you and trying to help in any way. We've got your back.

Next…….the Lord is not a respecter of persons……..He was/is faithful. Always will be. 

He was there for us when we drove out of our driveway that hot August morning. He was there on that long 19 and half hours to get to my mom's house. He was there when we heard the reports of the devastation. He was there when we went back and saw the destruction of all that was our life. 

He was there when we didn't have the wherewithal to rebuild. He was there when realization hit that we could never go back……to our homes, our old lives, our jobs, our businesses, our friends, our church…..everything. 

And HE will be there for you. 

He will send people you don't even know to minister to you. He will give you an encouraging word from complete strangers. He will send family and friends with hugs, blankets, food and shoulders to cry on. 

He will make material possessions useless and time with loved ones priceless. 

He will bring new memories on the old foundations. 

He will be Provider and Protector. He will restore and rebuild your heart and your homes. 

He will prove trustworthy every single time. I promise you!!!!!!!! I promise you!!!!!!!!!!!

So yes, grieve…..but don't stay there. 

Pick yourself up. Get in the Word. Claim promises. Apply the Blood of Jesus over the situation. Share your testimony. And don't give any more credit to the enemy. Don't let him have one more second of your time. 

The Mighty hand of Jesus has never left you………in fact He's holding you and He ain't lettin go! I promise!!!!!!!!!!!!

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