Wednesday, June 20, 2018


(from a  young widow on Facebook, used with her permission)
A few weeks ago my mom came over to look at my garden. 
I asked her to help me figure out what things were weeds and what were actual plants (because sometimes weeds sure do look pretty! And I have no idea how to garden.).
I asked her about this one giant bush that I thought was dead and I thought I should get rid of it. She told me it was actually a rose bush and it should start to flower soon. Well, it has started to flower and every time I’m outside I look at the buds and smile. 
It reminds me that beautiful things can come from things that initially didn’t look so beautiful (or looked dead). 
It reminds me that tough seasons can bloom into beautiful seasons if you give it some time to grow. 
It reminds me that deciding to begin again is always the right decision.

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