Thursday, March 8, 2018

Pearls of Great Value Discovered at Widows Retreat!

I'm looking forward to sharing photos, quotes, and memories from A Widow's Journey Retreat this past weekend. One of the highlights was meeting in small groups and hearing from other widows. Monica was in my groups and she reminded us of the value of pearls as reminders of how God values us. (See the strand she's wearing?) We'll never look at them the same! 

Monica shared the following with the group and graciously agreed to share it with you too! We wish you all could have been there, but I hope you'll feel a part of it as I post about it in the days ahead. And maybe next year you can come too!
♥ ferree

"We are WIDOW's with a praise, a prayer, a plan and a promise"

We are women gathered here during the special WIDOW's retreat that has been designed and planned just for us.

We acquire the title WIDOW not because we wanted it but because our dear late husband, spouse, lover, and friend proceeded us in death.

There are those days we reminisce of those moments of holding hands and making all types of plans, growing older together, enjoying family and home, quietly thinking of those moments when we felt proud to be their queen and remembering the promises that were made as we recited our wedding vows many years ago.

We have those human moments when we miss making up, dressing up, being prayed up that all will be okay, knowing when to speak up, and stand up to make our husbands proud to know he was our king.

Yes, we've had our dislikes, hardships, and struggles as any married couple would have, but by the grace of GOD we've  put on our Pearls of Great Value remaining married until death do us part; and GOD honors us for that.

So as we wear our Pearls of Great Value we thank GOD for:
keeping us and giving us a reason to Praise GOD for HIS provisions.

We thank GOD for:
giving us a time of prayer for healing in our grieving moments as WIDOWS going through this journey.

We thank GOD for:
giving us strength to carry on and minister to other women of the blessings of marriage while uplifting other WIDOWS going forward when able.

We thank GOD for:
giving us a plan to live our best lives knowing WE had that opportunity to love and be loved now knowing GOD is with us at all times and HE will remain to be our comforter and wipe our many tears because now HE is our husband...and lastly;

We thank God for:
giving us a promise that HE will never leave us nor forsake us.
Because WE are Pearls of Great Value!!

Written by
Myvette-MYE  3 /2018

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