Monday, February 12, 2018

Moving Forward Step by Step

‎Does silence in your house bother you? Sometimes it's just too quiet, isn't it? My Facebook friend shared this the other day and I thought many of you'd be able to relate and appreciate it. Thank you for this testimony of one of the many ways the Lord is helping you along this journey Barbara!  ♥ ferree

Moving Forward Step by Step 

For eleven months I have turned my television on
around 5 a.m. and turned it off around midnight
each night. I kept it on for noise...someone else talking
in my home. I left it on way past my bedtime because
my husband always stayed up later than me. Going to bed
with it on, faintly hearing it from the bedroom, seeing
shadows and lights on the wall in the hall, has comforted
me over these many months. 

In the beginning, it was easy to tell myself he would be
to bed soon, but I knew I had to stop "going there."
Thank God, I am on day three of just an hour or so
in the morning to catch local news and weather, then I turn
it back on in the evening, for about an hour; then I turn it
off when I go to bed! 

This may not seem like a big deal unless you, too, have 
had to do this. So, I've taken another turn in this grief 
journey, and like all of life, there's no stopping it. Yes, it is 
causing mixed emotions, yet, I know I never want to be stuck. 
So I willingly go with the flow to wherever and whatever God 
has prepared for me. I don't know what it looks like, haven't 
seen the landscape; but, I know it will be a good, prosperous place, because He is always working everything together for 
the good, because I love Him.

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