Friday, October 13, 2017

When He Carries Me Away

Speaking of heaven... this song takes a peek at it...
I tried to find it on Sunday to share with you here, but a young friends of mine who will bury their 2-year-old baby today posted it on FaceBook. That's how I found it, and I think God wanted to add that bit of a back-story for you. I also want to share it in memorial for one of the godliest widows I've ever met--Marcia Temple Fuller: Marcia Fuller, 62, of Peru, died Wednesday afternoon, October 11, 2017 at the Hospice House in Auburn, Maine. 
Sorely missed, both Marcia and baby Jed, but I'm surely grateful that their lives touched mine. ... And that your's does too. Please pause with me and worship as together we hear this beautiful song.

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  1. What a powerful, uplifting, encouraging song! Thank you for sharing it, Ferree. My heart goes out to the families and friends of both Marcia and baby Jed. May they find comfort in the shelter of God's arms.


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