Wednesday, February 1, 2017

My Prayer for All Widows

The following prayer rises especially from Philippians 1:9-11, that our love may abound more and more. At first I thought I'd post it because it's February and that means memories of hearts and roses on Valentines Day. But it also seems appropriate for the unrest and dissension in our country. There's much healing to be done isn't there! Let it begin here. Today.

A Prayer for All Widows
Dear God,

When I bring widows to you in prayer, I know that you hold them close to your heart and are intimately acquainted with all their ways. Would you please help them to know and experience that truth, too? Help each widow to know that you have numbered her days. Death comes as no suprise to you. You knew she would be widowed---and you also know this is not the end of her story. Help her to see that too.

Fill her with hope and help her look forward to the day when she will once again see the good work of love you began in her. Help her believe that you will faithfully complete her and the work you are doing in her life. It's not over yet.

I pray that her love will rise from the ashes of loss and begin to abound more and more in knowledge, spiritual depth and insight. That she'll be able to discern what is best. In the midst of this sad and confusing time keep her pure and blameless. Fill her with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ her Lord and Savior. May she grow in you to the glory and praise of God. May she truly live with passion and purpose, showing the world that to live is Christ and to die is gain.

Show her your kindness and rest, Lord. Open fields of opportunity for her. Surprise her with your joy, peace, mercy, generous provision and lavish grace.

May she stand on tiptoe to watch for your work in her life and eagerly look forward (without fear) to the day of your return. Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

In Your name, for Your sake, and by Your Word,

photo by Sherri Lutrell


  1. I had my own personal notions of grief
    I thought it was the sad time
    that follows the death of someone
    you dearly loved
    And that you had to push right
    through to get to the other side
    Until I learned ..there is no pushing through to get to the other side
    But rather there is an
    And grief is not something you complete
    but rather something you endure
    Grief is not a task nor test you
    finish and move on
    But grief is an element of yourself
    an alteration of your total being
    A new way of seeing a new definition
    of yourself ~


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