Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A Solemn Pause

February 15, 2000 started out
like any ordinary day
but life changed
before we could sit down for supper

Bruce, me, Lisa, Brad
The food sat cold in the kitchen
I must have thrown it out the next day,
or the next
or the next

Brooke was in Chicago at MBI
She rushed home right away
(I cannot remember how)
but Bruce was gone
before any of us could say good-bye

Mostly I wondered how he could be happy
if Heaven was such a happy place
How could he not miss us
But I would never ask him to come back
here halfway to hell

Today calls for a solemn pause
Respect. And love. And gratitude.
Complaints and comparisons
sometimes beat my brain like
moths in the dark

I keep them out the open window
they'll not put holes in me
Truth be told (Tom's common phrase)
Bruce knows the happy outcome
and I'm halfway to heaven, not hell


  1. Oh my, but that one hits home real deep. It speaks truth (to be told) and I know my love is happy because he knows the final outcomes. Hugs to you Ferree

    1. Thanks for your comment, Linda. I knew some people would not understand but to know that you do is priceless.

    2. Ferree - God Bless you this special day and strengthen you with His love.
      I recently read this and thought it worth passing along - L -U- Dodi

      Those special loved ones whom
      have gone home - still live
      through us, Everything we say and
      do has been shaped and absorbed from
      them into us. Picturing those moments when you
      both laughed together, remembering things they taught you. Those pearls of wisdom they dropped into your soul. These memories are the dear legacy of this sacred loss. As we absorb those special moments in time, replay them means they are never far from us. The two become one and the heart beats as one body. The brevity of life is cruel, but the bond, love and strength of human connection is
      sacred; especially after they have departed this life. Yes,they still
      live, absent in body, yet present in
      spirit. ~

    3. Thank you Dodi, you're so kind, and a sweet friend. Love you too!


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