Monday, November 14, 2016

Catching Up With Gayle Roper - WIN HER BOOK!

Ferree with Gayle Roper at Montrose
Christian Writers Conference
Finally! Yes, finally!
I met Gayle Roper at a writers conference in July and am  f - i - n - a - l - l - y  able to introduce her!

She's an award-winning author of some of THE BEST Christian fiction out there, a wonderful person, AND an amazing widow. Read her books and meet her in person at a widows retreat she puts on each March with Sandy Cove Ministries in Maryland. (click here for retreat info). (Click here for her website). If you want to attend the retreat please let me know and I'll consider going too.

You'll also love her book, "A Widow's Journey - Reflections On Walking Alone." I read it immediately after the writers conference and wrote about it in August. I was so impressed with Gayle and her writing I even compared the book to C.S. Lewis's "A Grief Observed." That's a huge compliment to a writer! (Click here for the blog post and see if you agree).

Her husband, Chuck, died July 2, 2010, ten days after their 47th wedding anniversary, and after 3.5 years when a rare cancer of the bile ducts in and around his liver was diagnosed. "God gets to make the choices," is what Gayle told me. She's chosen to be content, and to her that means "agreeing with God that He and what He's provided are sufficient for His purposes for me." Discontentment equals disagreeing and fighting with God.

When asked what she would pass along to new widows, she said,
"It does get better; it's a slow process. The intense sorrow eases; the overwhelming moments become further apart..."
Other tips from Gayle:
  • Develop women's friendships...
  • Enjoy your women friends...
  • Don't rush remarriage...
  • Learn to be single, and learn to live again.
And here are two tips for bookworms and widows from Gayle the bookworm and widow:
  • I take a book along when I'm going out to eat by myself.
  • Fall asleep at night reading lighter stories where things turn out well at the end. Escape with humorous, fun, light-hearted stories and mysteries.
I want to close with three things Gayle has concluded that widows need. She admits it's best if they're in place before widowhood, but if you still implement what you are able of these three things I believe you'll benefit. The following are from pages 70-71 of "A Widow's Journey."
  • "First, we should have something that is ours, something we do that we don't do with our husbands, something that gives us satisfaction and pleasure when we do it..."
  • "Second, we need family and friends to help us mourn..."
  • "And last, we need a strong spiritual base to stand on... No one else is there in the dark of the night. No one else knows our deepest regrets and understands our loneliness. No one else loves us deeply enough to die for us."
The Lord appeared to us in the past, saying:
"I have loved you with an everlasting love;
I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.
I will build you up again
and you...will be rebuilt."
Jeremiah 31:3-4

Leave a comment here today (not on Facebook), and you will be entered into a drawing for Gayle's book, "A Widow's Journey." You'll love it, and I'm anxious to pass it along. Comment today! The drawing will be on Friday, November 18, 2016, and the winner announced immediately. It will be up to the winner to email me at with her mailing address. Once I get that address the book will be in her hands within a few days!


  1. Love Gayle's books, she is such an inspiration and was a good source of encouragement after I lost my husband.

  2. I really enjoy reading other widow's stories and how God is their strength through this widowhood journey.

    It would be neat to be your winner of Gayle's book. Thank you for having this give-away.

    FlowerLady ~ 4 years next month since my dear husband went to be with Jesus.

  3. Thanks for today's post Ferree, I have been so irregular especially leaving comments even in Going Ashore.I have had so much going on but its all for good. Was feeling a bit low in the office and was about sending a mail then i saw today's post - timely. The tips from Gayle's book are so spot on and a great blessing. It will be nice to have a copy of the book. Blessings Halima

  4. I loved the tips from Gayle. Also, I would love to win her book.

  5. I love Gayle's books. I think I have read most all of them. Would love to be the winner of Gayle's book on being a widow. Also, my oldest daughter is named Gayle, spelled the same.

  6. Any book written by a widow that compares with CS Lewis's book "A Grief Observed" sounds like a must read to me!


  7. Her quotes are amazing! I have been attending Grief Share and we discuss many to the topics you printed in the email. I would live her book!! May the lord continue to bless both of you!! Barbara

  8. This I am sure is a must have book. Needed it yesterday!

  9. I would really like to win this book--A Widow's Journey--as I have 3 friends who are newly widowed and would surely benefit from reading it.
    Thank you,

  10. Reading books written from those with experience are valuable to me. It is so encouraging when someone else actually understands what I am going thru and experiencing. Looking forward to reading Gayle's book.

  11. "agreeing with God that He and what He's provided are sufficient for His purposes for me." Discontentment equals disagreeing and fighting with God. Profound statement - such wise words! So simple - yet sometimes so hard to understand.

  12. I have not read any of Gayle's books. Maybe I will win one if not I will purchase one soon as I love the excerpt from the book. Ann

  13. Thanks for sharing this wonderful woman with us. This journey we are on is often very lonely. The comments on learning to live single and not rushing marriage is something I need now. Vicky

  14. Contentment...she touched on that. That has been my prayer to the Lord sonce my husband's death. That He would help me be content on my circumstances and this new life. I would love to read her book for further wisdom.

  15. Thank you, Ferree, for this sampling of Gayle's book. Even this has been an encouragement to me for the "alone" times. She seems to be able to articulate those deep feelings that often trample on our hearts and leave us reeling. Karolyn Baker

  16. Thank you for the advise for new widows here. My husband of 33 years just died 4 months ago. The hole is so deep. He was a Pastor. We ministered together for all of those 33 years. I miss him so much. I am surrounded by family and friends. I have a strong faith. It's encouraging to hear that the sorrow does lessen. Again, thank you. I will have to check out Gayles books.

  17. Thanks for reminding me that it will get better. That God does things for a reason. I was really feeling down today. I'm looking forward to reading the book. N. Todd

  18. Just started reading your emails. This one was very good. Good remarks. Inspires me to get Gayle's book. Hope I can win it!
    Thanks,Carol ​ ​ THINK ETERNAL!!

  19. I look forward to reading Gayle's book and would love to win a copy.

  20. I love what Gayle says about learning to be single again. Being single is not a curse. It can be the incredible next stage of your life. And I also love what she says about being content - it is SO important to realize GOD HAS A PLAN and you need to learn to roll with it. I'd have to say 90% of other widows on FB groups, etc. would blast me for saying I am content-and even enjoy- being single. I go to movies, eat out, go to the mall - all by myself, and I love it. I always, always bring my Nook with me when I eat out so I can read. My best widow friend will be moving in a few months, so I won't be able to go to baseball games with her, but guess what? I'll go anyway! I have embraced the life God has given me, and I am so very blessed.

  21. Chewing on what she said about contentment-good stuff to ponder. 😊

  22. Thanks for all your great comments everyone! I'm entering each into the drawing and will announce the winner (who will then email me her mailing address) later today.

  23. And the winner is ...(drum roll)... CANDY!
    So Candy, please send your mailing address to my email at


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