Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Reflections: Do You Feel Like Your Heart Is On Hold?

My blogger friend Candy at Reflections from My Porch Swing has been climbing a long and difficult trail for the past six years since her husband, father and mother all died within months and she's had major changes and health issues to deal with ever since. But you know what? She deals with them! I've corresponded with her and read her blog for several years now and I don't believe she's ducked away from any of them. Oh, she'd have liked to! But she's too honest and authentic to sweep things into hiding and denial.

In the post I've linked to here (a must read!) she's realized how focused on death her life has become. She wonders if it's now time to tell her heart to beat again. We all have days like that, but for some of us it becomes a season. Is it time for you, too, to quit living life on hold and for your heart to start beating again? The blessing jar she mentions will help, as will being sensitive and obedient to God's Word in your life. We all know that our life changed forever the instant our husband's heart stopped beating, but what would happen if our own heart started again? Be sure to click over to Candy's post today.

PS. Here's a music video "Tell Your Heart To Beat Again," by Danny Gokey. He's a Christian musician (and American Idol finalist, sesason 8) who was widowed in 2008. He remarried in 2012.

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