Tuesday, December 1, 2015

See You Next Week

I'm taking the rest of the week off from blogging as I get ready to welcome over a dozen readers to "A Weekend With The Author." I'm a little scared, a little overwhelmed (because there's so much I hope we can all share and do and learn and talk through....). Mostly though, there's so little time and I know it'll be over with way too quickly. Here's the plan---please take a look at it, pray for us, and maybe if it proves to be an annual thing you'll be able to come next year! ferree

Check in to hotel starts at 3:00
After you check in and get settled in your room please come to the meeting room on the first floor to pick up your Welcome Bag, order your custom-made lunch for Saturday ($10 cash please), sneak your guessing game item onto the display table, meet new friends and have some supper. Put questions in for Q & A time on Saturday. Get a map from Ferree if you're driving to the Liiving Christmas Tree

5:00 Pizzas and salads delivered for supper in the meeting room. Soda, water and snacks provided. Late arrivals can eat here too. Start figuring out the guessing game.

7:00 Ice-breaker "awards" and Table talk---"Turn Going Through Grief to Growing Through Grief"
Storytime with "The Library Lady," part 1
9:00-ish on--- free time. Hang out in the meeting room (maybe watch a movie if we can figure out the system). Or there's a movie theater about 1/2 mile, Magnolia Mall, and many restaurants if you're still hungry.

Saturday Hot breakfast available at the hotel
9:00 Walk through Veterans Park if the weather is nice. Warm up your vocal chords with a special spoof on The 12 Days of Christmas
10:00 Two of the Best Tools for dealing with grief.
Q & A time
12:00 Lunch
1:30 gather in the hotel lobby to find a ride to the Living Christmas Tree. I'd like to get there about an hour ahead of time so we can all sit together. Grab a can of green beans from the back of Ferree's Ford Explorer as your "ticket" to get in.
3:00 Living Christmas Tree Concert
Living Christmas Tree

Afterwards we'll caravan over to Ferree's house for a Christmas Party!
  • Supper
  • Christmas Reflections
  • Gift Exchange
  • Conclusion of Storytime
Back to the hotel for a good night's sleep

Hot breakfast at the hotel
9:00 Benediction and good-byes
10:00 head to church at Florence Baptist Temple if you want, first shuttle to the airport will gather to leave
12:00 check out time, second shuttle to the airport will gather to leave


  1. Much in prayer for this weekend that you have poured so much of yourself into. Cannot wait to hear how God works.


  2. Much in prayer for this weekend that you have poured so much of yourself into. Cannot wait to hear how God works.


  3. Thank you Candy (and Michele, Nellie, Chris and many more!)You mean a lot to me!


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