Monday, October 5, 2015

Please Pray for Flood Recovery

This is from Facebook--A New Map of the Southeastern US.
We're all glad it's just a joke, but what happened here this
weekend was no joke.
Wow, what a weekend! (Scroll down to read what it's like to wonder if your house will be flooded).

First off, I'm fine. The house didn't flood.

Yes, it's still raining. But the forecast is for only 1 more inch. It let up a few times here and there since yesterday and the waters have receded amazingly fast. They're probably rushing down to the ocean shore where they'll contribute to all the rainwater and high tides so please continue to pray for South Carolina. Here's a quick list of prayer request suggestions:

Pray for safety: Rivers are all at flood stage or above, and as these waters travel they will continue to flood places and pose hazards. The water can contain three yucky "S"s-- 1. Sharp and swiftly moving things that are very dangerous like broken glass and alligators. 2. Snakes, many are poisonous and 3. Sewage and other bacterial nasties like drowned rats. 

Please pray for families who are grieving over lost loved ones, including those of the men lost on the cargo ship. Here in SC the last death toll I saw was at 7. Just 1 is too many.

Pray for those who had to evacuate. It's very traumatic to escape with only the clothes on your back and what you can carry, to sleep with strangers in a shelter, to leave your pets and belongings behind not knowing what will still be there when you return. How will you rebuild?

Pray for our governor-- Nikki Haley, for relief workers, the Coast Guard, and others who are coordinating recovery. Pray for their safety, strength and clear thinking. Pray that they'll receive the cooperation needed.

Pray for the weather and that it won't be too windy. Our trees here grow tall and fast and without a deep root system. With the ground so soggy they might topple more easily and take out power lines. We really need our electricity to help dry things out quickly before mold starts growing. Pray for some sunny days and low humidity ahead!

Thanks so much, God bless you! Please add to this list as needed in the comments.


  1. Continuing to pray for you, Ferree, and for those in your area! Sandy E.


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