Monday, September 21, 2015

Changing Seasons Might Trigger Memories

 The changing season, holidays, birthdates and anniversaries can be difficult. They are laden with very subtle grief triggers. Sometimes even a fragrance like burning leaves can make us feel unsettled and melacholy. I don't know if today is one of the difficult ones for you, but I thought this traditional poem would be a good reminder of the life ahead of you. It still holds battles, sure, but promise, too. And you're not alone. With a foundation of God's unchanging love you're well-equipped to face this season of life.

Should You Go First
A.K. Rowswell
Should you go first and I remain
To walk the road alone,
I'll live in memory's garden, dear,
With happy days we've known.

In Spring I'll wait for roses red,
When fades the lilac blue,
In early Fall, when brown leaves call
I'll catch a gimpse of you.

Should you go first and I remain
For battles to be fought,
Each thing you've touched along the way
Will be a hallowed spot.

I'll hear your voice, I'll see your smile,
Though blindly I may grope,
The memory of your helping hand
Will buoy me on with hope.

Should you go first and I remain
To finish with the scroll,
No lenght'ning shadows shall creep in
To make this life seem droll,

We've known so much of happiness,
We've had our cup of joy,
And memory is one gift of God
That death cannot destroy.

Should you go first and I remain,
One thing I'd have you do:
Walk slowly down that long, long path,
For soon I'll follow you.

I'll want to know each step you take
That I may walk the same,
For some day down that long, long road
You'll hear me call your name.

Dear Lord, May we accept with gratitude the days and hours from the past that filled our lives with your goodness and love, embodied in our loved one. Help us realize that there are many good things yet to come. You have a plan and a bigger purpose for us now; we are so valuable and significant to you even though we may feel lonely and invisible to the world. You've created us precious in your sight and you hold us close to your heart in this stormy change. We look with anticipation to experience your joy in the morning, for great is your faithfulness. Amen


  1. From August through March I have a hard time because this is the time of year I went through so much with my husband and both parents before losing them all to heaven. I am just allowing myself to fully experience my grief now.....again. Thank you for the beautiful poem.


    1. Dear Candy, Life cycles and God's providence... I sometimes wonder at the complexity of it all. I'm so sorry for how quickly they died one right after another. And on the other hand, I'm also amazed at the strength and beauty that shine through you. Reminds me of 2 Cor. 4:7.

  2. The change to fall and winter always make me somewhat blah, because there is no one to snuggle with. My golden retriever was not a big snuggler unless it was winter. Then there was nothing like sleeping with Mom. This coming winter is going to be rough without her.

    1. Dear Michele, I'll be praying for you and I hope everyone who reads this will say a prayer for you too. <3

  3. Thank you, Ferree! This was one of the most meaningful and beautiful poems that I have read! Yes, the seasons do trigger precious memories; gifts from our Maker! S.E.

    1. Dear S.E. They are precious gifts aren't they! It can really hurt sometimes, but God is good. Someone told me we might not like the wrapping on these "gifts", but we can trust the Giver. Thanks for posting today, everyone's comments mean so much.

  4. I just found this, my husband went home to Jesus in April. It has been very hard going from summer to fall, I thought maybe the problem with season changes was just me. The poem was beautiful thank you.

    1. Dear Lynda, I'm so sorry for your loss. And, no, the problem is not you, it's just the nature of grief and the price of love. I'm so glad you found this today and it helped make sense of some of these waves of sorrow. May God's love and strength sustain you. Let's stay in touch.


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