Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Fun: The Stuff Kids Say!

It's Friday, thank goodness! --time for a grin about the things kids say.

My first two friends in South Carolina were Ben, age 2 and Alli, age 4. They made me feel so at home!

Ben called me "Mrs. Party," instead of Mrs. Hardy; and Alli decided my name Ferree was just too complicated, so she'd yell, "Hey, Ms. Ree!" from across the street. I'm glad she didn't call me "Miz-er-y" because that would have been pretty close to how homesick I was before I met her.

Please comment today and add your cute kid stuff too, OK? I'd love to hear from you, and your story just might 
be a bit of grief relief  another person needs today...
Here are some I've gotten in the past, but buckle your seat belts because you might fall off your chair laughing....
A Naughty Mom
My daughter was about 4 and was rather annoyed with me for telling her No about something or other. She looked up at me with a scowl on her cute face, put her little hands on her hips, and said with a very serious voice, "You know, Mom, I'm not very happy with you right now." It was all I could do not to break out laughing.
A Mortified Mom
This happened when I was in my early 20's when I was in the grocery store. I'm quite tall and a mom with two little kids were in front of me. The kids looked up at me and started to get all excited. They pointed at me and said to their Mom. "Mom! Look, it's a GIANT!". The Mom was clearly embarrassed and told her kids to turn around. They didn't and they kept saying "..but Mom, look, it's a real giant!" I just stood there smiling. The Mom apologized. I just laughed and said it was fine. The kids continued and asked me how I got so tall. I wasn't sure how to respond, but I finally said. "I drank lots milk and I never smoked." Cute kids!
A Confused Mom
This is an actual event that took place when my daughter was about 4 yrs. old. She couldn't talk plain and her sentences were usually backwards. This is so funny -
She had been constipated for about a week, so I went to the store to purchase her a laxative.
Also at the same time she had a loose tooth which was hanging only by a thread and she WOULD NOT allow me to pull it!
The weekend was upon us so she went to her Grandma's. Late on Sunday afternoon she called me very excited and said “....Mom, Mom my tooth came out!”
I was so excited and said "Well, did you save it?"
She said “NO, Mom!”
So I said “Well, honey, go get it and wrap it up and we will tuck it under your pillow.”
And again she said "NO, MOM!"
and again I said “.......yes.... go get it and bring it home and the tooth fairy will give you some money.”
She said “NO MOM, NO MOM!” and I said “Why not?”
Then finally as plain as she could speak she yelled over the phone, "Mom, I said my poop came out!” I was hysterical, because I’d kept telling her to get it and bring it home.


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  2. Kids are God's instruments (great grief relief) used in removing our diginity, keeps our feet to the ground and then - blesses us with the great gift of laughter. :))

    I have a sometimes difficult...won't take no for an answer ... but precious (adult special needs daughter). A few years ago we were sitting at the supper table finishing up with our meal when in desperation my daughter says ..."mom, dad this year I gotta get to ....and am going to!!!....Tennessee to see grand-dad and grand-mom"
    Trying to help her to understand I said "we're unable to go this year're dad has started a new job and won't be on vacation until next year" in a very grave cutesy tone, she said... "well fine then, I'll just take an asssstract train " her dad and I just lost it .. I said.... "honey, I think you mean
    An Amtrak Train... she said .... "what-ever" :))


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