Wednesday, April 1, 2015

On The Road to Discovery

If you could go anywhere in the world--- pretend that $$$ is no problem, people are no problem, you're free as a bird! --- Where would you go and what would you do?

A blogger widow friend is doing just that. In 2011 she loaded up her RV with life's necessities and KitKat the cat, and said goodbye to her home in Illinois. She claimed she was going out to find herself. Visit her at Teri's Travel World to see what's happening with her today. 

I love that phrase going out to find herself. Her dreams of discovering herself remind me of a little poem that rose to creation within me a while back. I had flown out to see one of my daughters, and arrived in Bremerton, WA, north of Seattle.

On our descent, the plane had to curve out over the coast of Puget Sound. Morning light crept over the jagged mountain ranges behind me, dawning stronger and more certain with each minute but fog still misted the coastline. Indigo islands, black and rugged, poked up through depths of cold water and fingers of fog. Like chunks of coal, inpenetrable and black, impervious to the brilliant blue sky and saphire ocean.

I wish I could sing you the tune that played these words in my head. It's gentle and clear, full of wonder and yearning.

Indigo islands arise from the sea
Shrouded in fog they are calling to me
Where are you going and what will you be?
Indigo islands are calling to me

They are made of stone
And they stand alone
But I always hear
them calling my name

Do you hear them calling to you, too? Where are you going, and what will you be? Have you found the real you on this journey through widowhood? Widowhood is not a destination or a life sentence. You're not condemned if you're on this road. You might not be in an RV like Teri, but nevertheless, it's a journey you're travelling, and along the way there's much to discover.


  1. You say "Have you found the real you?" And all I can think is that I was the "real me" when my husband was living. I was the real me for 59 years and I'm 77, too old to re-invent myself, nor do I want to. I know life is a gift from God and I pray each day for Him to guide me and use me. I do find comfort and help in all of your writings.

    1. "..too old to re-invent myself, nor do I want to..." that sounds quite lovely to me, just the way you are. I wouldn't want you to change a thing. :)


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