Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Are You Ready for A Change?

God changes things! For example, read Isaiah 42 and circle the "I will" and "will not" phrases to see all the changes God brought about to Israel.

He's still changing nations and individuals today in much of those same ways today, and always with two ends in mind---glory or judgment. I'd rather side up for His glory, wouldn't you?

With that in mind, I'm trying to figure out what changes to this blog the Lord wants to bring about this year. Sitting in front of the computer as long as I've done in the past is no longer an option. Some people can do it, but it's bad for my health so I need to change. Please stick with me, and lets walk through these changes together, OK? I need your advice and encouragement. Tell me what works for you, and the changes you'd like to see in this blog and the Lifeboat groups.

Here are a few activities that I'll post in the next few days.

Tomorrow---A transformation Project for you ---

A Letter to Your Future Self.
This will be really cool.
  • I'm going to post a letter you can print off, fill in the blanks with where you're at right now, and mail it to my PO box.
  • BUT, I'm not going to open it!
  • Instead, I'm going to return it to you in December. 
  • When you get it back you'll be able to see how life has or hasn't changed, and maybe you'll be happily surprised by some of the things that have happened. I think it might be pretty amazing!
  • Are you in? Watch for it!

Thursday---A transformation Project for me --- here's where you get to tell me what works for you, and the changes you'd like to see in this blog and widow community.

A quick survey
  • Please watch for it and participate when it comes up. I value your opinions!

NEXT WEEK---A  transformation Project for both of us ---

A Weekend With the Author
Would you like to join me for a girlfriends getaway weekend?
  • Save the date for the first weekend in December! Mapquest directions to Florence, South Carolina and see what sort of travel arrangements you'd have to make.
  • This isn't a widows retreat, it's not a womens conference, it's not a grief seminar. Nothing like those things, although they are great and I love them. But this is just me and y'all or all y'alls. (I still don't know how to speak Southern very confidently).
  • We'll meet and greet and hang out together. I might do one little workshop and a Q & A session, but otherwise we'll just take over a hotel floor, eat, shop, and go to The Living Christmas Tree concert at my church. Details will follow in a week or two. The hotel I've found can only hold 40 in their conference room so be prepared to reserve your room asap---it's first come first served. You'll pay your own room, lunches and suppers, and transportation. The concert is free, but I'll have all the details for you soon. 

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