Saturday, March 14, 2015

Widows Need An Anchor of Security and Stability

Do you feel adrift on a sea of sorrow? Cast off and not knowing what's next?

Grief, widowhood, loneliness, silence and suffering can isolate and alienate us, but God's Word offers us hope.

I came across Hebrews 6:19 this morning and had to pause and think about it....

We----meaning true Christians. Do you know Christ today? Do you follow Him? If so, you have---you own this hope!

But, what is "this hope?" Apparently its a firm and secure anchor for the soul.

Continue reading the context of this verse---the verses before and after it. I found many clues in Hebrews chapter 7 as to what (and Who) provides true HOPE.

Set aside some time this weekend to anchor your soul in firm and secure Hope. List the reasons for hope found in Hebrews 6 and 7, and then, one by one, tell the Lord what they mean to you. Spend time with God and He will restore and anchor your soul. He'll calm the storm and give you direction.

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