Saturday, February 28, 2015

Opening Our Arms

We conclude our series on 10 Reasons Why The Book of Ruth Is for Widows with, of course, reason #10: It shows redemption and hope for widows!

Widows are living miracles and stories of God's glory. Their influence and legacy can far outlive them, reaching generations hundreds of years from now. What story will you leave for your church, friends, career or family? What words will come to mind at the mention of your name? Courageous? Godly? Loving? Or words like heartbroken, depressed and lonely...? There is still time to live and love, and it starts N-O-W. Let's read what happened to Naomi in an excerpt from my book, page 213.

Naomi held a newborn baby in her arms and as he looked into her eyes, this is what she learned—good things could still happen. Her girlfriends assured her that this grandson would renew her life and care for her as she aged. Naomi accepted this baby, drew him to herself and became his primary caretaker.

God has the uncanny ability to distill goodness out of the worst disasters when we open our arms and hearts to receive them as Naomi did. He’s comfortable with paradigms—with grandmothers serving as mothers, with widows finding new love, with faith as an action rather than a feeling. He’s the Man of Sorrows, yet is always rejoicing.

How can God contain and engineer what we consider such irreconcilable differences—joy and sorrow, life and death, faith and despair? Is it because He takes each life and makes it a story, because He’s the author and He knows the ending?

We get caught up in wanting our story to be that of the princess and Prince Charming, living happily-ever-after with perfect children. We would all choose a cookie-cutter life that looks just like everyone else’s: safe, predictable, indulgent . . . 

But God, the literary artist, would rather burst into our life and turn it into something amazing and full of miracles. Miracles aren’t always as we’d like—that we are healthy, strong, beautiful, rich and happy-ever-after. God’s miracles are of a much higher order. Eye has not seen, nor ear heard . . .

Sometimes He writes chapters into our lives in which the biggest miracle is that we still trust Him. That, like Naomi, we pick up our broken hearts and shattered dreams and determine to put one foot in front of the other until we find God and His place of blessing and redemption. The true miracle is that we go to Him when we feel He has abandoned and attacked us or knocked us off our swing. It’s a miracle that we turn to Him, and return to Him, just as we are, full of complaints and bitterness. It’s a miracle that we wait and watch for our redemption, no matter how long it takes.

With God all things are possible, even with you. May your miracle begin today as the Lord patiently waits for us to ask to know Him better. ferree

Dear Lord,
I lift my arms to receive your grace. Open my eyes to gaze upon my future and help me fulfill the purpose and legacy you have left me here to accomplish. Good things still happen, Lord, and I thank you that I am part of your plan.


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  1. This is an awesome post, Ferree! Thank you!


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