Thursday, February 12, 2015

10 Reasons Why The Book of Ruth Is For Widows

If you’ve been in church world for a while no doubt you’ve heard sermons on the Book of Ruth and what a wonderful picture of redemption it presents. Boaz is likened to our Redeemer, Jesus Christ, and Ruth is likened to we who are in need of redemption and unable to save ourselves. Boaz shows Ruth unmerited favor, just as Christ does for his chosen ones.

But as true and sweet an allegory as that is, let’s not overlook the fact that first and foremost Ruth is about widows! It's all about widows! The main characters—Ruth and Naomi are widows! Ruth is a young widow, Naomi is a middle-aged or older widow.  A secondary character, Orpah, is also a young widow. Boaz, the kinsman-redeemer might have also been widowed since mention of his first wife is never made.  Hmm… I love the story of Christ our Redeemer, but should we not acknowledge the obvious and wonder what could be of interest to widows in this book?
There are only two books in the Bible featuring a woman—the Book of Ruth and the Book of Esther. (Ruth was a widow, and Esther was an orphan! James 1:27!) It’s very significant to realize that God inspired Scripture to devote an entire book to a widow’s plight. God cares about widows!  He knows the risks they’ll face, the courage they’ll need and the deep and gutsy faith they will display, and He is pleased to provide and care for them.
Join me for the rest of February as we look into these ten reasons why Ruth is for widows. I've touched on the first reason today. When we look at Ruth through our widow eyes we'll come away knowing that just as certain as God had a plan for Ruth and Naomi, He has a purpose for widows  today.  


10 Reasons Why Ruth Is For Widows

 1. It’s all about widows!
 2. It shows the 3 paths a widow could choose after the funeral.
 3. It gives the 2 essential needs of widows.
 4. It provides an example of the sort of friend a grieving widow needs.
 5. It shows the extraordinary courage and faith of two widows.
 6. It shows the many layers of loss a widow can experience, even down to the core of her identity.
 7. It gives the two keys to transforming loss—finding favor and exercising gratitude.
 8. For widows who want to remarry it illustrates the character traits to look for in a new husband,      shows the virtues that they can build while single.
 9. It shows that not all widows want to or will get remarried and that’s OK!
10. It shows redemption and hope for widows!  

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  1. I love this post! Thank you for authoring such a perfect book for widows and for giving us a discount this month! S.E.


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