Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What A Lifeboat Group Has Meant to 2 Widows

A few years ago I set up some secret Facebook groups. My "Lifeboat" groups are the entry groups and welcome women who've been widowed at any time. Throughout the week I'll receive requests to join the group and I add new members on Tuesdays or Fridays. For those who are interested, I have another group called "Going Ashore" and it's for widows who have passed that one-year point of widowhood, can see that they are changing and growing through their grief, and would like to address the issues and challenges of the second year and beyond.

Yesterday I read the following posts from two widows in a Lifeboat group who've decided to move on to the Going Ashore group. With their permission, I've copied their words here for you today so you can catch a glimpse of what Lifeboat has meant to them. I'm so grateful the Lord uses "the boats" to provide a unique and wonderful support during this storm of life we call widowhood.

To my Lifeboat group---It has been two years since Ron died, and a little less than that since I found this wonderful Lifeboat group. I can only imagine the terrible isolation I would have suffered if not for all the Lifeboat ladies. Instead, I had someone to cry with, laugh with, and pray with—anytime of day or night. I’ve had one foot on the boat and one on the shore for a while now. It’s time that I remain Ashore and make room for another widow who needs that intense support only you can give. I look forward to seeing each of you on the Shore in time. Best wishes--Christine

To my Lifeboat group---I Love, Love, Love this boat...it literally saved me from the pit of hopelessness and despair about 4 months into this unexpected painful journey. As hard as it is to remove myself from this group, I know that it is time, tears fall as I type this. I went Ashore several months ago and have kept one foot in the boat as well, I attribute this to "separation anxiety". And staying in the boat has allowed me hopefully to minister in some small way to those that have stepped into this journey after I had walked a few miles. Coming up on 2 years in March since being thrust into this "New" life, I have learned some amazing life lessons--- The only ones who truly know your heart and pain are those who are on the same path. I no longer waste my time, energy or breath trying to explain my pain to someone that cannot possible understand it. However, I was that clueless person until the moment my husband went to live with our Abba Father for eternity. I hope I can extend the same Grace to others as that was extended to me in my ignorance... Our Lord wants intimacy with you. Seek Him, He is waiting, wanting and wooing you . He is now your husband, His love for You is Relentless. With carpet burns on my forehead which will be full blown callouses by the time I step into eternity, I know beyond a doubt He wants us to be complete in Him. Happy, healthy, and loving Him with all of our hearts ... The Enemy wants us to be limping Christians. I wake up challenged most days, I still am not crazy about my new life and long for my husband and the former life. But with my Lord's help He is holding my hand today as I step both feet on shore. You are in my thought often and my heart and prayers always...I will see you ladies on dry land. Blessings♡ --Lori

God bless you Christine and Lori as you continue your journey! ferree

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