Monday, December 8, 2014

Widows Get Together---Want to Join Me?

Hello! I've missed you! I was visiting my parents last week and unable to get on the Internet very much. Their 60th wedding anniversary doesn't come around every day, and I know you'd all want me to have been there for it. It was kind of strange to realize the only way I'd have a 60th wedding anniversary is if Tom and I both live to be 101 and 106 respectively. But I must tell you that thoughts like that come to me more as simple facts. They are not loaded with grief, and I choose to not dwell on them and the "what ifs?" Grief doesn't have to last forever and I had a lovely time with my two brothers and one sister pulling one surprise after another for my folks. 
Today I'm re-posting something I wrote two years ago, and at the bottom of this page I'll tell you why. I'm kind of excited about this idea!
Me, Erica, Gina, Beth, Jan, Myra

Survivors of 4 heart attacks, 1 motor cycle accident, and 1 brain aneurysm met for lunch in Charlotte on Saturday and discovered much more than "Sugar Bacon" and other delicious food. We dished out a few salty tears, too, but that meant we were still breathing and had a heart.

We discovered so much in common! None of us got to say "good-bye." Each of our husbands had died instantly and without any signs of poor health. We were all on the sunny side of 50---just 50, or in our 40's, 30's or 20's when IT happened. We'd faced many challenges since: replacing cars, raising kids, selling houses, finding jobs, crazy people, and finding our way through grief.

We came together as strangers, but we instantly bonded as friends. We relaxed, refreshed, and renewed each other. Although our husbands were gone and life wasn't as we expected or wanted, we're going to make it. God had given us each glimpses of hope and His presence, and in knowing we're not alone, we found out that we can do this life. In fact, not only survive but thrive!

How'd we get together? It was just a matter of asking. (hmmm, I remember that Jesus said something like that...)  Two years ago Myra, Jan and I met at a widows conference and they recently suggested we get together for a weekend. We chose Charlotte, NC, opened it up to anyone else in the Charlotte area, and found Erica, Gina and Beth! Widows do brave things, don't you agree? We just have to take that first step and ask, and the Lord provides new friends and new hope!
Is this what you picture when
widows get together?
 And now let me tell you why I wanted to bring this up today. Many people think this picture is what happens when widows get together but like I told you what happened up in Charlotte with my widow friends, it's not!
Last night when I attended my church's beautiful "Living Christmas Tree" concert I had an idea: Why not invite you all for a Getaway Weekend right here in Florence, South Carolina? We can reserve a block of rooms at a hotel near my house, rent a limo to take everyone to the concert on Saturday afternoon, and fill the rest of the weekend with good food, great conversations and fun at my house, the antique stores, mall or any of the 300 restaurants the city of Florence boasts about. Nothing too structured, but I think it would be a highlight of your Christmas season next year. What do you think? Should I start pricing the hotels around here? The concert is free, so the only cost would be your hotel room, transportation and meals. Click the comment line below and share your thoughts today!  ferree


  1. Great idea. Keep me posted on the details.

  2. I'm glad you're interested, I'll post updates in the months to come.

  3. I'd love to be part of that weekend!

  4. Good idea! Just have to see what next year brings. After reading this, it reminded me of a post I wrote on my former blog. It goes along with your theme.

    Tuesday, January 11, 2011

    "Do You Ever Wonder...

    what widows do when we get together?


    laugh and cry,

    act silly and get serious,

    share and listen,

    talk and have silence,

    eat and EAT,

    give a shoulder to lean on and lean on that shoulder,

    comfort and are comforted,

    love on and get loved on.

    We are bonded by our circumstance and blessed by our friendship.

    We need not pretend with each other because we "get it"!

    Although, I hate the reason we were brought together, I am truly thankful for the women that I have had the privilege and honor to get to know over the years -- M, TA, Ch, G, and those who I have "met" through blogs (strong and courageous, honest and vulnerable). Without them, I could not endure the very difficult moments of my widowhood.

    ~ Beth ~

  5. Thanks for adding your post Beth! It says it all! And thanks to all the others who are helping me see that, Yep, this would be a good thing. I'll start pricing some hotels this week and as the year rolls along I'll update the blog with the possibilities. <3


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