Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve 2014

Well---deep breath---it's Christmas Eve. It seems like some have been dreading this time, carrying it like a heavy barbell for months. Others, grief is so recent, it feels like the reindeer have trampled your heart instead of your rooftop. And some are choosing to acknowledge that although life is different, in many ways it's not diminished; they see surprising insights, miracles and unexpected kindnesses.

But for all of us, the spectre of loneliness stands at attention, waiting and ready to step alongside. Loneliness will wrap icy fingers over our eyes so that all we see is darkness, all we hear is our own heartbeat. If Loneliness is within reach of you today, I urge you to click on this video from Joni & Friends ministry and cling to it like a life-saver.

How can a widow relate to a paraplegic some may ask? In more ways than one. Just as Joni lost her physical ability, widows have lost their heart, their love. Others don't understand. Or, as Joni says, maybe you too feel like God is asking too much of you this year. Sometimes the loneliest place on earth is in a crowd, among family, or in church with people who look like they have what you no longer have.
It’s easy to feel left out. It’s why Joni would like to share with you how, rather than focusing on what you don’t have, you can focus on all that God has given you this Christmas.
These words will keep you from going down.

Please click on the link and consider it a gift to yourself. Christmas is all about Emmanuel---Our God Is With Us. That's the good news of Christmas Eve. May you find rest and peace. And as you consider and wonder all the why's and why not's of this Christmas, may the mystery of it all become a sacred fragrance of worship and renewal.
click here:
How To Think Positive This Christmas | Blog | Joni and Friends

(As always, if this post arrives in your email inbox and the video isn't showing up, simply click on the title line at the top of this page to get to the WCP blog itself so you can view it).

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