Saturday, November 29, 2014

3 Truths to Renew A Widow's Heart

(continued from yesterday...)

The last stop on our road sign journey was right here, at the beach, where aNew Season Widows Might held their retreat. I hope I was able to not only give some pointers for this journey through widowhood, but also some solid help and hope from God’s Word.

You might not see the same "road signs" I did, your grief journey is your own, as unique as you are, but God’s promises are for us all. As I look back, one in particular jumps out at me:
If your Word had not been my delight, I would have perished in my affliction.” Psalm 119:92
I shudder to think what might have happened the day Bruce died if God’s Word hadn’t been my delight---what if I hadn’t taken 5 minutes that morning to catch the Scripture truth that God is my portion? What if I hadn’t asked those church ladies to pray when I was having my meltdown? What if I hadn’t gone to that Bible conference and heard “Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you?”

Whew! I came close to perishing! But salvation and hope were right there all along. We MUST take in the Word of God everyday, we MUST hear the preaching of God’s Word ---it’s essential and life giving! 

The widows retreat was themed around the book of Ecclesiastes and the times and seasons of life. I realized that after Ecclesiastes comes the Song of Solomon; after the times and seasons of life comes the ultimate love story of God and us. Song of Solomon 2:16 says this: 
My beloved is mine and I am his.
I think I’ve finally figured out what that means: My beloved is mine? That means God is my portion…. God is mine, and I am his.

Remember these three truths that will renew you every day:
  • God is my portion---my beloved is mine. This is personal! As a believer, you are His!
  • Emmanuel--He is with us on this journey.
  • And, finally, it could be right around the next corner---one heartbeat away---we will be with Him forever and he will wipe away every tear from our eyes. Rev. 7:17
Do you know Him today? Or maybe you feel like you’re on the outside looking in? If you’re not sure of your own relationship with Jesus Christ please email me sometime at and we can talk about it. He has so much goodness in store for us. God gives us permission and freedom to live again. There’s life after death for the widow! Like my widowed friend Nancy told me on my very first day, "You can do this! With God, you can do this!"