Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Resource You Should Know: Journeying Through Grief Book Ministry

On Thursdays I mention resources for widows, and today I'm pleased to share Stephen Ministries with you. This group provides churches and individuals with a series of 4 short books called "Journeying Through Grief." I'm reviewing these books for my church to use, and I've got to tell you, I wish someone had sent them to me! Intended to be sent to grieving people at four different times during the first year, here's how it works.

Deliver each book by mail or in person at the following times:

3 weeks after the loss-- right about the time the reality begins to set in, give them A Time To Grieve. This book helps the reader understand what's normal, how to deal with other people's expectations, myths about grief, how they can best help themself, and more.

3 months-- this book is timed to arrive when others wonder why you're still sad. After all, grief only lasts a month or two, right? (NOT!) Experiencing Grief. Talks about the year of firsts, uncovering secondary losses, holidays, and more!

6 months-- around the time the grieving person might begin to wonder if something is wrong with them because they haven't "moved on." When they receive Finding Hope And Healing they'll be encouraged to find out about how long does grief might last, coping and healing ideas, dealing with anger, guilt and loneliness, sudden surges of grief, etc.

11 months-- arrival of this book will help alleve the anxiety most people begin to anticipate about the first anniversary. Rebuilding And Remembering talks about the first anniversary and heading into the second year, the challenges of change, rebuilding your life, healing through helping, and much more.

What I find very special is that this is a resource not only for churches, but also for individuals. You or I can use it too! The entire set of 4 books is $9.95. A very helpful guide is available for $2.95 and contains some excellent sample letters to send along with each book and a system for remembering when to send the books. If it's after the first year, the ministry suggests to give the entire set all at once. As many of us know, help and comfort in the second year is greatly appreciated too!

Click here for the Journeying Through Grief  page. Be sure to click the tabs for helpful drop-down menus to learn more and get your questions answered, and check out the home page to learn more about Stephen Ministries in St. Louis, Missouri.

Could someone order these books for herself? Of course! As God comforts you, you'll be better equipped to pass along that comfort to others, so of course it's good to help your own self too.


  1. I've gone through many griefs in life, but I can say with all honesty and sincerity that widowhood grief has been by far the most traumatic. When we're young and our spirits are resilient and we have a conquer the world attitude, we bounce back. However in widowhood - when reality kicks in - he's not coming back or coming home this grief reality has been over whelming -

    this blog is a power tool of ministry. Thank-you

  2. My sister is a Stephen Minister at her church and although we live across the country from each other, she mailed me these books throughout the first year. They were SO helpful. I read and re-read them over and over. Besides 'Postcards from a Widow's Path', they were the most helpful thing I read. I thank God for my sister and for these books.

  3. I was blessed with a Stephen minister while I was care-giving. The grief booklets I didn't order for myself, but I sent for them to send out to a widow whose husband had the exact same disease as my husband. The books are excellent.

  4. I can vouch for these!!! My pastor has been sending these at appropriate times to me since my dad died, and the nursing home pastor has been sending them to my mom. I got a cover letter explaining that I'd be receiving a series of four. The first booklet, I think I read every day. It was so comforting. I was just feeling restless for what's next when the second one arrived. Again, I read it over and over. Same with the third. I'm eager for the fourth to arrive next month. Actually, I've been floundering a bit since this interval has been longer and I stopped the frequent reading, so this is probably a good time to review the first three while I'm waiting. I'm grateful for this reminder, Ferree. Dr. Kenneth Haugk, writer of these booklets, truly understands grief. His words are practical, yes, but the compassion in them brings God closer.

  5. I'm so glad you took the time to share your experience of receiving these books, Jane, thank you very much! I can imagine how eagerly you're looking forward to the 4th one. My understanding is that it should arrive in time to help you anticipate the 1st year anniversary of your husband's home-going. If so, it will help you through the holidays coming up too. They truly are practical, but so compassionate. Dr. Haugk is a gifted writer and counsellor and I thank the Lord for the help he's given to thousands of people.


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