Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Fun: Your Vote Counts!

Hi Everyone,

It's OK to step back from the grief and take time out for a grin and a giggle every now and then, and I use Fridays as a reminder to do that. TGIF, right? (Thank goodness it's Friday!)

Just so you know that everything you tell me is very important, I want to showcase a comment made on Tuesday by my dear friend "Swans" as I call her here in blogland. I mentioned my messy desk and she said,
I vote that we get to see a picture of what your desktop looks like on this Friday's Fun Post! :D
So today in hopes of just being real and giving you either a laugh or some sympathy for my dubious housekeeping skills, let me give you a tour of the little place where the WCP begins each morning.

One of the blessings of moving to South Carolina was that the house we found happened to have a  FROG room--Finished Room Over the Garage.

Let's take a little tour of the frog, ok?
First, climb the stairs with me,
and turn on the AC wall unit (unseen on the left)
'cuz it gets really hot and stuffy up here!
I love the window, don't you? I had to close the blinds
for the photo, but otherwise they're always open
so I can see the treetops. It feels like a
treehouse and I love it! Someday I hope to paint the
walls blue to match the sky.
My computer screen is the black square
right behind the old 1980's sofa.
The old white jelly cabinet next to the window holds
Postcards From The Widows Path and a bunch of
shipping supplies. Yep, I do it all myself. :)
Please don't order a 1000 copies today, lol, but orders of 1 - 25
are entirely manageable.

Now you are IN the frog! As you can see, I'm not
kidding when I say I still have some unpacking
and organizing to do. This room is pretty much a catch-all.
Tom has a laptop in front of the tv downstairs, but
he also wanted his own office space.
My desk is behind the sofa,
and his is behind the loveseat.
He uses the little desk that used to be my dad's
for his other computer.
It's sweet when we're both up here pecking away on our
keyboards. But he works such long hours that I try
to spend the time with him when he's home. Not
that I don't love you, but you know...

And here's the infamous messy desk! It's not too bad this day
compared to other days! At least you can see the top, right?
And you'll see that I use/need a lot of post-its;
I'm a failure at closing cabinet doors
(in the kitchen too); and I use green painter tape to label
drawers and stuff. It works for me...

Thanks for visiting today and I hope you enjoyed your "tour." And remember, with me, Your Vote Counts!


  1. Thank you for inviting us into your FROG room, I think your desk top looks better than mine. Besides my own blogs, I also take care of our widows blog, Friends Needing Friends, and also do needlework in this space, 6'x8'. So my desk shares not only blog stuff, but threads, needles, hooks, beads, etc.

    Thank you for sharing this fun post. I vote for your desk space being 'real'.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. Thanks for the interesting tour. I have seen messier desks though!!

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  5. I loved seeing where you do your work, Ferree! And your desk is not that messy. It just looks like the desk of someone who works very hard.

  6. Instead of saying "This Desk is a Mess"
    say "This Mess is a Desk"

    Ferree....please give me your mailing address
    or better yet I am going to mail these
    photos to EXTREME MAKEOVER

    mine doesn't look much better - ha - lol - Dodi

  7. You're making me laugh, Dodi, and thanks to everyone for joining the fun today, it sounds like you all enjoyed the little "tour" of my office.

  8. I love the thought of you working among the tree tops, seems freeing. The posts on your real wall, cracked me up as it's like facebook, right? BTW, I have posted paint chips up on my home office walls to select the color blue to match the sky, and after the process of elimination, was surprised to discover the chosen sample leaned towards lavender.


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