Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Blog Hop! Widow's Stories

Did someone say "Hop?"
Recently a reader wanted to connect with widows who had been caregivers before their husbands passed away, so I gave her the following blogs to contact. Each of these bloggers were caregivers and talk about the experience in various posts.

The beautiful thing about blogs is that they bottle the thoughts and feelings of the day. They're not the last chapter in a person's life; they tell an ongoing story. They're for real: some days are raw and painful, others are healing and hopeful.

I don't think we ever reach a moment of "happily ever after," do you? That's an unrealistic expectation carried over from childhood and fairy tales. But with God we're offered strength for the day, and peace for eternity and that's a reality worth striving for, as these bloggers all do.

So I hope you'll begin to visit these blogs, and if you can leave a comment, please do! Just say hello if nothing else. All of us Bloggers love to hear from readers and visitors.   
ferree (click the "Stories" tab for a drop down menu of a variety of widows' stories -- you might find one very similar to your own and you'll be able to see if and how she's getting through)
P.S. Here's a new blog, started last week by my friend Dodi. I hope you'll "hop" on over and visit her blog too: Remember, if you have a blog for Christian widows, I'd like to include it in my blog roll. Please let me know about it. Thanks!


  1. Reading about how other widows are growing through grief helps me a lot. There is so much to inspire and be encouraged by.

    Thank you for the link to my own blog too.


  2. Thank you so much for sharing the blogs; I love to read and am encouraged to read other ladies' stories!

  3. Thanks, Ferree, for adding my blog to the list, and thanks for all that you do. Yes, our lives do not reach "happily ever after" until eternity. Yet there are so many stories of God's grace and presence. That has been so true of me once again this week with emotions and situations all over the spectrum.


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