Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Getaway Weekend

On Saturdays I urge you to plan some time out for yourself. Consider it a getaway: attend a worship service to reconnect and rejuvenate your walk with the Lord, take in some good music or a good book, take a drive, go to a museum, take the kids to the beach... Or do like two of my widow friends in North Carolina are doing today---they're coming to see me!
Peach pie for dessert!

Myra, Jan and I are going to spend the day eating, walking and talking. Lunch at my house, then browsing the cool antique and consignment malls here in Florence, and then out to dinner at my favorite local and very unique restaurant, and talk talk talk every minute in between. Tomorrow we'll all go to church together and then eat out again for Sunday brunch buffet. Diet on Monday, right?

I hope you can getaway in some form or another this weekend. And if you're interested, contact me about your own getaway weekend right here at my place!

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