Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Widow's Story: International Widows Day Update

Can you imagine yourself visiting a foreign mission you had founded?

I doubt whether one of our readers imagined herself doing that years ago, but that's exactly where she found herself in May! When it was International Widows Day I mentioned a few Christian organizations I personally know of which minister to widows, and today I want to mention one more.

This one is really special because it was co-founded by a a blog reader just like you; a lady I've gotten to know a bit this year by email and on Lifeboat---Gill Rosser from England!
Gill prays with an Indian woman
She and her late husband Barry began this mission over 11 years ago. This past May, Gill visited India for the first time without Barry.
Before leaving, Gill told me this:
Hi Ferree, thank you for the contact. 
There is a website not very up to date I am afraid, which is why I am going out. 

My husband and I started this over 13 years ago. Now there are about 30 children who all call us "Mom and Dad" so it is going to be a very tough visit. 

I have several widows meetings I have been asked to speak at. We feed 10 poor and needy families every month, as well as the elderly. We also care for baby girls who live in poor families in the villages. We hand out food in the streets to the poor and needy. We are a UK Registered Charity. 

This visit will be very short, which I feel is right for the first visit. I am going to get some up-to-the-minute information and photos and also to minister to the sense of loss the 30 children have at losing their English Dad. 

I hope this quick introduction with inform and interest you. Please feel free to get to know Gill, and please click "Like" on the Facebook page for Afirm India. Click here to find it. Sometime soon Gill's book of poetry, call Grief's Winter will be published, so please watch for that too. ferree

About Afirm India We are a small UK Registered Charity providing help to poor and needy families in India. Every month we provide food parcels for poor families along with baby items for unwanted baby girls. We also provide essential medicines to poor families.
Our aim is to bring help and sustenance at the point of need to the poor and needy in India.
Company Overview
We have been running for 11 years
 Here is the website:

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