Thursday, July 3, 2014

Resource Link: Christian Camping

"Camping?" Yes, I hear your puzzlement! What does camping have to do with widows?

Well, remember that today is Thursday, the day I try to feature resources for widows. Christian camps and conference centers are a fabulous resource for rest, renewal, relaxation... and maybe even a new career!


So click on the link today. You'll find Christian camps and conference centers in just about every state of the union---and perhaps some near you that you didn't even know about! Not only might you find some great weeks to send the kids to, or the whole family, but you might also find jobs or volunteer positions that will pump up your resume and provide a change of scenery. (Staff members often lodge at the camp/conference center for free).

What about your memories of sleeping bags, spiders and soggy hamburgers? It's a new day my dear and you'll find some fresh new innovations and standards in today's Christian camping. Not to mention breath-taking natural beauty, clean air, godly counsel and spiritual renewal.
Click the link and explore today. ferree

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