Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Is There An End to This Pain?

A widow going on her third year mentioned how each year seemed to present an entirely different set of challenges and it seemed that just as she began to get a handle on one, the calendar page would turn and she'd be looking down the barrel of a whole new ominous cloud.

I could see that the Lord had given her a lot of wisdom though. She realized she had some hard choices to make between the better path and bitterness. Today's post captures some of these, especially if you can link to the audio. Remember if you receive this post by email you might have to click on the title so you can use the link directly from the blog rather than your inbox.

Some of our choices on the long road of widowhood:

"Most friends will not continue to sympathize with you---be tolerant of them anyway . . ."

"God will often be silent and seem very distant to you--- trust Him anyway . . ."

"There's a big difference between God's silence and His absence . . ."

These are a few quotes I jotted down from this fantastic sermon from my pastor in Ohio on May 6, 2012.

And here are the main points:
  • Accept your experience as a test
  • Repeat the spiritual disciplines even though they seem empty at times
  • Be realistic--you may be in for the long haul. So dig in.
  • Remember that God promises to reward those who endure
I wish I could formulate this sermon into a pill and take one every day! The next best thing is to take it in by listening. All you have to do is click here to go to the church's website, sit back and soak it in. I think you'll agree it's a big help and encouragement! 
05/06/12 - When Pain is Prolonged by Cornelious Hancock


  1. Thank you Ferree for this link "when pain is prolonged" Pastor Hancock brought to light so many things we as God's child should adhere to. He said "every man must bear his own burden" There are some burden's we can help carry and then there are some burden's just designed for me, that only I can bear and carry with God's grace, pain and grief being one of those burdens.

    Pastor Hancock mentioned the story about the 12 year old son who was to stay in the woods all night (alone) for a proving of his growth in manhood and un-be-known to the son.... his father was just a few feet away, his eye and presence never left his son.
    This reminded me of our heavenly Father, his presence is everywhere, always watching, always there to guide, to guard, to lift us up when we fall or fail.
    In Psalm 139 Tom said so many times "Dodi - God is a spirit, he is everywhere, there is no where he is not (except sin)"
    David said in Psalm 139 even if he goes thru hell, God is there with him. David said "you both precede me and follow me, I can never escape from your presence.
    Just as the earthly Father was watching over his son in the woods, we can rest quietly believing our Heavenly Father is with us, watching over us with his all seeing, all knowing, all caring eye and heart, we are always in his presence. Surely His Goodness and Mercy will follow us all the days of our lives and as our days upon earth are so shall our strength be, he promised. :-)

  2. Thank you for posting Pastor Hancock's sermon. His message reminded me of all the promises God has made known in His Word.


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