Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Widow's Prayer of Thankfulness and Rest

A Lifeboat member wrote this in the very early hours of yesterday morning when she couldn't sleep. I thought it was a beautiful prayer and asked if I could include it here today for the Widows Christian Place readers too. It's a prayer of blessing that will help you know you're not alone. Not only do we have the Lord to turn to, but there are other widows along the way with whom we can share our burdens.

Thank you, Donna, for permission to copy this, and for showing how we can turn to God even when we're lying in bed and can't sleep.

Good morning my sisters. Once again I'm laying here awake. I'm thanking God for the friendships that are developed through this group.
Father God,
Thank you for this wonderful group of women you have brought together through this group.
I pray that we each continue to grow in and through Your love.
I pray right now that You'd calm our hearts so that we can see the Love that You have for each of us. May each lady here know that they are not alone-- that Never Once have You left us.
That You are right here beside us each and every step of this journey.
This morning I pray that we know that Your protecting arms are around us as we sleep (or not).
Bless this time of rest and rejuvenating to both our bodies and spirits.
We love You Father God.

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