Thursday, June 19, 2014

2 Wonderful Christian Resources for Widows

1. WIDOWS CONFERENCE the early bird discount has been extended! Click here for more info and to sign up and take advantage of the discount. I'm one of the a presenters and I'd love to have you join me!  

2. THE WIDOWS VOICE Radio ProgramTeresa McWilliams's photo.

Did you know there's a new radio program and it's for widows?!!! Hurray! I've been listening the past few weeks and I can tell you it's always uplifting and engaging. It's a half-hour show, but it's so good it only seems like 5 minutes and I always wish it could go longer.

Listen in this afternoon at 2:30 (EST) to THE WIDOWS VOICE, right here on your computer! Click the underline and when you get to the website click the words LISTEN LIVE.

If you have questions or want to add to the conversation, this is a live call-in show and Teresa would love to hear from you!

Here are the numbers to call:

Nationwide Toll Free: (888) 599-9626
Miami-Dade, FL: (305) 953-9626

Broward County, FL: (954) 525-1490

Don't forget!---

Every Thursday at 2:30 pm (Eastern Standard Time)

on your computer at and press "listen live" or

WMBM - Gospel AM 1490.

Catch the rebroadcast Thursday evenings at 7:00pm EST same places

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