Monday, May 19, 2014

Where'd God Go?

Do you ever cry out to God, wondering where He could be? Wondering why is it that others are claiming you need to "get over it," and "move on," but you find yourself simply not ready yet, and not sensing that their admonitions have anything to do with the way God would intend for you to deal with this point in your life? Do you wonder why, in fact, God is quite silent at this time?

My blogging friend, Cynthia Bezek, has a rich and thoughtful post I linked to long ago, but it's so helpful I think it's time to revisit.

Have you ever experienced a time when God seemed silent? She did, and she wrote about how painful and unexpected that was, and then what happened when she prayed and asked God about it. She offers no three-step program or footprints-in-the sand cliche's, but I think her experience might shed some light on your own. I know it was eye-opening to me and gave me a lot to think about.

Click here to visit her blog, Let's Talk, and the article on Grieving and Groaning with God. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter.


  1. I don't believe you ever get over it
    You just ................get on with it

    I have had those insensitive remarks
    made to me on several occasions and
    it so pours salt into an open wound....
    I call them Job's comforters.

    I came across this beautiful sonnet
    the other day and dedicate it for all
    who have loved, (not lost) but
    who no longer possess the sacred
    treasure God had blest their life with.

    Along those golden streets
    A stranger now walks tonight
    With untold wonder in his heart
    His faith now blossomed into sight

    He walks in awe, stops and stares
    Takes a breath, pauses and stares again
    A vision of loveliness, beyond
    All comprehensions of men

    He bows in speechless joy
    Before the feet of Him
    Whom seeing not, he so loved
    While his sight was yet dim

    Yes, along those golden streets
    our loved one walks today
    One who was homesick, is now
    Home at last to stay

    For those who are left upon this earth
    God has his reasons
    Trusting in His grace, I will stand
    Enclosed I am, within His hand.

    " I so rejoice for my departed,
    For now he sees and knows
    All he desired and wished below
    Every longing is now employed
    In that eternal world of joy"

  2. Anonymous has written a thought provoking sonnet that I enjoyed reading very much. I never thought of the possibility that my loved one's spirit, in a metaphorically sense or literally) was ..."homesick, is now Home at last to stay"..."All he desired and wished below / every longing is now employed / In that eternal world of joy". I found this both assuring and comforting.


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