Saturday, May 3, 2014

National Widow's Day Starts Today

Please pray for Jimmy and Cynthia Chouteau today as they launch National Widow's Day in the Kansas City, Missouri area. And find ways how you, as a widow, can reach out even in your own time of need. Consider I Timothy 5:16---

1 Timothy 5:16

English Standard Version (ESV)
16 If any (even another widow) believing woman has relatives who are widows, let her care for them. Let the church not be burdened, so that it may care for those who are truly widows. (bold emphasis, italics and parenthesis added by me)

Rather than wait around for your church to reach out to you, become the example and show how they can help the widows in your area. If everyone pitches in with their various talents, maybe we won't see news headlines like this anymore: Widow Who Lost Home Over $6 Had Ample Notice: Judge

Take an in-depth look at I Timothy 5:1-24 for starters in how widows are to minister to widows. I'd love to hear about what's going on for widows in your area so please be sure to comment today.



  1. Another widow and I started Widows Connect at our church. We formally meet one a Sun morning a month for book discussion (Ferree's book!) and schedule social events that we wouldn't go to alone. We've done dinners at each others' homes, game nights, garden tours, bird watching, church events, concerts and have volunteered at the domestic violence center. Widowhood still stinks but we're helping each other make the best of it.

  2. Hi Marcia, You're doing more than making the best of it---I'll bet you've accomplished far more than you ever dreamed you could do! Of course it IS hard, one of the hardest things you'll ever be faced with, but your post today gives hope to everyone who sees it, because you're living it out, and that's quite an accomplishment! If I'm ever in your area I'd love to pop in to your connect group. :)

  3. Ferree, I read this article about the widow who lost her home over $6.30. This is such an out rage and then I re-read Isaiah 10:1,2 which says in defense of the widows.

    "Woe unto them who decree unrighteous decrees and write grievous things which they have prescribed, woe unto them who turn aside the needy from judgment and take away the rights from the poor of my people, that "widows" may become their prey, and that they rob the fatherless"

    This story broke my heart for this widow to became a prey for those who were in authority and showing no mercy.

    Woe is a strong word for these Judges which means God's judgement. Widow's must help other widow's to keep injustices such as this from happening. Dodi

  4. It was a very sad story, Dodi, and I truly do not understand how it could have happened if she'd surrounded herself with godly and good advisors like I always recommend. Notwithstanding, though, our "justice" system truly needs some justice at times! And God's warnings of "Woe to them..." are to be taken seriously! Thank you for picking up on such wisdom and pointing it out today!

  5. I have a question that maybe can be answered here. The Timothy scripture says for those with widows among their relatives, that they are to care for them so that the church can care for those that are "truly widows". What is the difference...the age of the widow?

  6. That's a good question Sheila. I'm going to see if I can get some replies! thanks!

  7. Can guys respond? :) truly widows (widows indeed in old KJV) are those who are both too old to remarry and without remaining family to support them.

  8. This is such an important topic, I wish you could bump this topic up on a regular basis. I have read many thoughts on this from Pastors, scholars, lay people, and have become more confused on this topic. Where do we as widows stand as far as "the Church" is concerned. Many, unfortunately, only look at the financial situation of the Widow as a measurement. There are so many other complexities to widowhood that "the Christian community" ignores or does not/or chooses not to understand. A widow may have the financial means to take care of basic "physical" needs of her family and ONLY that. There are the children to consider -- mentors; there is the need for guidance in finding help that won't rip off a widow when something needs to get fixed, there is the emotional and spiritual support that is lacking. I made these needs known, not only to the Church, but to those who WERE close Christian friends. I was not demanding, but when asked, I would share. NO ACTION OR RESPONSE! I received more help from some non-Christian neighbors. Pretty sad commentary! Whether I am considered, as the Bible says, "a widow indeed", I am, INDEED, a widow!

  9. This topic created quite a buzz on Facebook too. It'd be great if we could compile a list of helps and resources for guidance on this topic. If you know of any good references or examples, please continue to add them here in the comments so we all have a point of contact. Thanks! Whether we're considered "a widow indeed," there's no denying that there are indeed widows who are being overlooked, just like in the early days of the church. And like those early Christians we all need to pitch in to care.

  10. Wouldn't it be a blessing to have a reference for widows like Angie's List?! It could be called something like The Widow's Resource Guide with listings of trusted and reliable local Christian help that is also relative to the widow's ability to pay based on her income level. Perhaps they could challenge one another to donate any really small jobs easily done by them for free or at very low cost and a mention in the publication (along with their challenge, like challenging peers or other similar groups as seen on fundraising TV programs). Widows could help one another with referrals and recommendations. Wouldn't it be wonderful?

  11. Sheila, that's a fantastic idea! (Anybody out there want to run with it?) Widow Wednesday and Christian Car Guy would be some good groups for starters. Are you on Facebook, Sheila? This is a hot topic! Many people have strong feelings about it and I know you'll appreciate their comments too. But I truly love your idea!


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