Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Grief Camps for Kids

With summer upon us, have you considered finding a "grief camp" for your children to attend?

Often, your local hospice will sponsor such a thing. Exclusively Christian grief camps for kids are rare, so prayerfully consider what's available in your community. Children might not seem like they need any help---yet. But you can help equip them now for later on when they're ready to deal with it.
If you know of other grief camps for kids this summer, please add it to the comments so others can read about it too. Thanks! ferree
Christian-based Grief Camps:
Camp Agape in Glen Rose, TX * June 13 - 16 (there's an adult camp also, same dates)
Brave Heart Camp in Brevard, NC * June 23 - June 28
Camp Anew in Mears, MI * June 24 - 27
Christian Works Camp Erin in Dallas/Ft.Worth, TX * July 11-13
Other Grief Camps:

Camp Erin by the Moyer Foundation.

Comfort Zone Camp camps are in California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Virginia

Other resources for grieving children:

National Alliance for Grieving Children Many articles about grieving children, and a map you can click on for help your area.

New York Life Foundation This website link goes directly to the children's page, but has lots of other help too

Hello Grief I've set up this link to the Hello Grief page of state-by-state resources. Find your state, click on it to discover the available programs.

Olivia's House in York, PA
Sad Child - Portrait by George Hodan

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