Thursday, April 3, 2014

"The Widows Voice" Live Radio Launches Today!

Teresa McWilliams
Teresa McWilliams
Please tune in to hear my friend, Teresa McWilliams, as she hosts "The Widows' Voice" live every Thursday at 2:00pm EST. 

It's rebroadcast at 7:30pm EST on WMBM - Gospel AM 1490.

Or catch it live on the internet at and press "listen live."

"The Widows' Voice" is an interactive talk show for widows and about widows that everyone can benefit from, even if you're not widowed! Teresa's been working on this for months, and ministering to widows for a long time before that! She's even used my book, Postcards from the Widows' Path for her ministry. I'm so excited to see how God will continue to bless and grow her outreach! She's been faithfully working with widows in her local church and always looking for further opportunities. See what God has done! Please remember her in prayer!
..:: WMBM 1490 Where Ministry Blesses Many ::.. #1 South Florida Gospel Radio  

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