Saturday, April 19, 2014

Resting In The Right Priorities This Easter

Every Saturday I try to remind us all (myself included!) how important it is to rest. Grief is exhausting. It's like running on a hamster wheel 24/7! Even when our body is sleeping, the mind stillDVRs and TV Advertising Recall races.

During widowhood my utmost desire was to push the FAST FORWARD button on my life. I didn't know that rest is an essential attitude and practice to pursue.

But my friend, Kit Hinkle, several years into widowhood and raising her four boys, gleans the wisdom of resting and right priorities from a movie her husband remarked about years before. I think you'll appreciate her post Click. It's Another Sunday!

With Easter tomorrow, I know this weekend holds a jumble of memories and emotions. Be honest, be loving, and remember to cast your burdens upon the Lord. Slow down. Period. Don't miss the beauty in the moments and the life right in front of you.

Easter is a time to realize and savor the depth of mercy and redemption for eternity! And until the day our new life in heaven begins, God breathes new life into the here and now, moment by moment. We need to take our finger, our mind, and our attitude off that fast forward "click."



  1. Resting in Jesus tender loving care is what I want to do each and every day.

    Have a wonderful Easter Ferree ~ FlowerLady

  2. Easter Morning 8:a.m. I walked into the church alone to catch the early service. Going into the church without your mate by your side is soooo painful. But as the Pastor gave his message of joy and hope of the resurrection, he said one thing that resonated into my soul and heart. He quoted the angel asking those who were searching for Christ in the empty tomb......"why seek ye here the living among the dead, he is not here, he has risen.
    Several weeks after Tom's passing I had gone to the cemetery to throw away the wilted flowers and was very sad.... but as I was walking towards the trash barrel that very same scripture came alive into my heart...."why seek ye here the living among the dead, he is not here, he is alive.
    And as I was walking away I was rejoicing and now almost everytime I go the cemetery.... the same voice speaks the same comfort...... "why seek ye here the living among the dead, he is not here" Easter Sunday was truly a blessing!!
    Knowing we have this blessed assurance and blessed hope, we sorrow not as those who have no hope.


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