Friday, March 21, 2014

Is Your Jar Filling Up?

My jar on January 1st. It was on my fireplace mantel, empty, and
 not much more than a holiday decoration.
I hope you've joined me in filling a jar of good stuff this year.
Somedays it's hard to find good or happiness when we grieve.
But if you do, it's extra special.
And, counting our blessings and cultivating gratitude
is a proven help for getting through these days.
Now my jar sits on my kitchen windowsill, nothing fancy, but
I like what's inside!
I keep a pen and scraps of paper right next to it and write
down things I've appreciated so far this year. I try for one a
day--nothing real spectacular--but my jar is filling up pretty fast!
  It's not too late if you want to start, and now that we're in a new season the
timing is just right!
Here are the instructions just so you see how
simple this can be:
write down good things
that happen to you on
little pieces of paper,
like the following:

*surprise gifts
*accomplished goals
*the beauty of nature
*"LOL" moments
*memories to save
*daily blessings

Then, December 31st,
open the jar and read
about all the amazing
things that happened
to you in 2014

If you take a picture of your jar and email it to me at I think it'd be sweet to post! I'll remind you about this again on June 21, so I hope you'll join in. I know that when the end of the year rolls around it will be really special to read about all the good things the Lord has brought to you, and the ways He's brought you through this year.

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  1. just this morning I had taken my dog outside for his usual business and heard the beauty of the birds chirping and singing and noticed ALL the beautiful budding of the trees reminding me of the resurrection. Spring to me is always an undeniable confirmation and assurance of life everlasting, just this free gift alone today made my journey so much brighter.

    ~ db


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