Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Halima's Book---Beyond the Shadow of Death

So many of you loved my review in January of my Nigerian friend's book, Beyond the Shadow of Death by Halima Oyelade, that I just had to find out if I could make it available for purchase. And the good news is YES! I have a small number in hand, but once they're gone, they're gone. They are only $6.00 per book plus shipping, which is $3.99. I'm so glad we could get them for such a great price! Email me at WCplace@gmail.com if you'd like more than one copy and I'll make sure you don't get charged double for shipping.

If you're outside the USA, I must send you an invoice, please do not use the Buy Now button. Send your complete mailing address to me at WCplace@gmail.com so I can figure the shipping charge. Thanks.

Tuesday evening update: Halima's book is sold out! Please email me a WCplace@gmail.com if you'd like to be put on a waiting list for a copy.

What I loved about Halima's book is the honesty and authenticity with which she shared her struggle to ask Why and to dare to trust God again. She has done a tremendous service to the church in Nigeria, and to me and others world-wide who will have the opportunity to read this. She's a skilled teacher, and sound in her theology on heaven, death, suffering, grace and justification. Her ability to apply wise Bible truth to daily life emerges simply and humbly as she addresses common questions:

  • how to comfort
  • early death
  • asking why
  • dealing with anger
  • unanswered prayer, and much more.

    I began to underline rich nuggets of her wisdom, and one that sticks with me still is this: "...we must trust Him enough..." So often we think we must wait until we can trust God completely, but enough is what's required for the day.

    This 153 page paperback book is attractively laid out, and deserving of a wide-read. Halima will be the first to apologize for a few typos, but I didn't find them a distraction at all; I could never write a few sentences, let alone put together an entire book in a second language! Overall, you will come away with having met a skilled and intelligent woman who can take profound Biblical truth and show you it restores the soul. Beyond The Shadow of Death will bring you into the light of God's faithfulness in this wounded, fallen world. 
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    1. I couldn't put Halima's book down once I started it. Just finished it and wrote her a long email. She experienced/is experiencing so much of the same things I have/am experiencing. Except for God, I don't even know how she could write such a book during her first year of grief, but it is very powerful and moving! - Candy


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