Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Fun: Looking Ahead to April

What's on your calendar for April? Looking ahead for significant days and planning strategies to celebrate or simply survive is a healthy choice during grief. If it's the anniversary of your loved one's passing, perhaps his birthday, your wedding anniversary, or any other of many possibilities decide now if you want to mark the day or downplay it.

Consider others in your choice, especially if you have children. You might like to release some helium balloons to heaven, fly kites, have a birthday cake picnic, etc. so give it some thought. Mention it to friends and talk about how you feel. Caring friends will feel more comfortable knowing if you'd like to talk; we'd always like for people to be sensitive to us and remember our special days, but they can't read our mind, and its hard to keep up with everyone.

Besides personal days, Palm Sunday, Passover, Good Friday and Easter might be especially meaningful this year. There's also Secretary Day and Take Your Daughter to Work Day in April, to name a few. And there are just plain goofy days, so mark these down if you need an excuse to joke around. A quick Google search will score many more, so if you find some that tickle your funny bone, please share your favorites in the comments today!
(Widows are allowed to have fun!)
April 1: April Fools Day (Here's my best-ever joke)
April 8: Draw A Picture of A Bird Day
April 12: NASCAR Southern 500 (Look for me in the crowd! My first time ever!)
April 13: Palm Sunday
April 15: Passover
April 18: Good Friday
April 20: Resurrection Sunday 
April 23: Administrative Professional (Secretary) Day (Why not just call it "The Real Boss" Day?)
April 24: Take Your Daughter to Work Day
April 26: Hug An Australian Day
April 30: Hairstyle Appreciation Day and National Honesty Day? Together? How can that be, I wonder? But honestly, would someone please tell Washington?
April is also  
National Poetry Month
If you have some verse you'd like to see here on Widows Christian Place, please email me at I'd love to post it for you!

Have a fun Friday!

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