Thursday, February 27, 2014

I Love How These Widows Can Blog About Love

February isn't all hearts, flowers and chocolates; for widows it can be a painful reminder of lost love and dashed dreams. But it can also be a time when God moves in and begins to transform those losses. Here is a collection of four thoughtful blogs by widows who've skillfully captured their experiences in how life changes and the surprises God has in store along the way.

1.  A widow with long years of caretaking for her husband, then raising their son alone, establishing a career and ministry, now suffers another loss. Read about how she deals with her anger at God, and letting go of her dream of a happy future. Join in the comments for her question: "Have you ever had to give up your ideas of how God should answer your prayers so that He could meet your longings in His even better way?" Click here to go to Cynthia Bezek's Let's Talk for The Lord Gives, Takes Away, and Gives Again.

2.  Thinking of remarriage? This young widow says, "Remarriage after the death of a spouse is a beautiful thing. It is redemption out of pain and devastation. Here's the part you don't always hear, though: it is also one of the most difficult things I have ever done." Click here to go to Whispers of Comfort for Emily's honest, bittersweet and grateful look at her remarriage and cross-country move as she writes On Life and Love.

3.  OK, I just had to read this one: How To Become A Better Lover by Michele Kearns at Joy Returns. She is right on target for how to choose the right direction in this healing process! This is a quick read that you'll want to spend a lot more time thinking about. Ask God how to bring it about in your own life.

4.  Were you knocked to your knees this month with a tidal wave of grief? You're not alone. Cassi Wortham did too, even after two and a half years. Read about her triggers and tears and what she did about them in It's Been 30 Months So Why Such A Tidal Wave of Grief. Click here for her blog, Live for More.

Please leave a comment if you can, that's a bloggers reward! And follow, subscribe or bookmark these blogs for more encouragement and help to come. God put us here for each other and it's pretty amazing to see His workings in our lives and yours. ferree


  1. Ferree,

    I love how good you are at being inclusive of widows wherever they are in their journey. Your balance is a precious gift. Thank you.


  2. Thanks Rhonda, I never thought about it that way, but I credit the Lord that He's brought me a deep appreciation for each of these points along the way. Widows are such a diverse group that it's hard to develop a way to blanket all of their needs---but we learn best from other widows, and getting to know a number of them, hearing a variety of stories, helps a lot I think.

  3. Thanks for the link to "How To Become A Better Lover." I also love the other links. Great job Ferree.


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