Friday, February 7, 2014

"Fry"day Funny: Fried Gnocchi

If you need to laugh today--here's the right recipe!


  1. It got me laughing. What is even funnier, is I have no idea what Gnocchi is? That will have to be my google of the day :)

  2. Googling for Gnocchi -- that sounds like it'd be a hit of a movie! Like, Driving Miss Daisy, Searching for Mr Goodbar... along those lines, thanks for giving me a laugh too!

  3. Maybe Martha Stewart will have him on her cooking show. I didn't know what Gnocchi was either, so I looked it up, it is a type of dumpling made from potato's and flour.
    If I remember correctly (I believe you are to boil dumplings). Could use some input here. Thanks Ferree (so funny) God Bless!

  4. That is sooooo funny. I actually tried to make Gnocchi once. It wasn't one of my best dishes. I boiled it. Maybe I should have fried it. Looks like way more fun! I'll have to send this to my son who loves to cook. I'm sure he's made Gnocchi before, but not like this!

  5. He must have a lot of squirrels in his yard..

  6. So funny. This was great.



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