Saturday, February 22, 2014

"Alone But Not Alone" Resonates With Widows Too

When I receive multiple emails from widows telling me this new video means so much to them, then I know it's certainly something to share with you today. One lady told me it helped her through Valentines Day last week. So I hope the beautiful music and stories will inspire you too.

Joni Earickson Tada tells a bit of her story and what a challenge it is for her to sing, and against that backdrop, the movie clips are based on the true story of a pre-Revolutionary War family as they struggle to build a home in America.

But what I want you to come away with is to remember the words---Alone But Not Alone. God is with you! And whether it's through a broken body like Joni's, or a broken heart like yours, God's power can be seen in both!

(If you're an email subscriber and can't view  videos in email, then click the blog title to link to the website). 

By the way, the performance was nominated for an Oscar! Oooops! Update needed: the song is no longer up for nomination! (Thank you Michele of Joy Returns for the scoop this morning when you saw my oversight). Here's an article Michelle sent me about the controversy:

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  1. "Alone but not alone" What beautiful words! So often we feel like we are alone, but the Lord is with us each step of the way!


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